Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Matt hosted his annual Memorial Day Barbecue in my backyard Sunday afternoon.

Even though most people brought beer, Sean opted for Manhattans in martini glasses.

James was like, I'm too poor to buy food. This is heaven!

Todd, Paul and Glenn, who's shirt appears twisted but apparently that's "fashion."

The host and chef extraodinaire.

Master of my domain (meaning my backyard).

MEATY! Meaty was begging for scraps even thoug he ate like, 10 pork chops.

Monique was one of two ladies crashed the men-only event.

Fernando told me he order's Matt's cakes for his birthday every single year.

Anthony brought and served the surprise party hit: Carvel ice cream saucers!

Finger lickin' good, y'all. Matt ain't mad at the saucers.

Todd got jiggy with the fresh whipped cream...

...as did Alex.

Frederico and Shino sat in the corner, observing the gay festivities.

Alex and Gweltas, who is not too fond of American traditions such as barbecues.

Jaime and Dudley, representing for the Phoenix NYC Crew.

Marc and me, now drunk off of lots of Coronas.

Doug and his hot boyfriend, who showed up only to whisk Douglas away from the rest of us.

The Burke Brothers are all smiles after an awesome barbecue.

Marc and Mickey disappeared into the night as well, never to resurface at nightspots we hit post-BBQ.

First stop, of course, was my room after it started to rain. Emily showed up and chugged like, 10 beers in 20 minutes.

The rest of the night was pretty much a big blur and I didn't take my camera out with me, which is probably a good thing. Happy Memorial Day.

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