Thursday, May 24, 2007


I took over DJ duties last Friday at Eastern Bloc for six hours straight. I didn't get to take too many pictures, though Mike came down from Boston and helped out with camera duties.

Mike (left) dragged out our good friend Rich, who goes to sleep at like, 10pm on Fridays.

I used to work with Tim and Ben a really really long time ago but now I just email them alot and invite them to my parties. Speaking of which, if you wanna get updates about when I'm DJing, email me.

Don't they card on Fridays? Actually, the crowd was way older than Wednesday nights, but the dude on the left looks straight up American Idol age.

Guy on the left is probably really really hot if only he could keep his eyes open in pictures.

Fun lovin' Eastern Bloc-heads.

This is probably my favorite picture that I've ever posted. This dude is like, hell yeah I just got money from this here ATM and now I'm got get even more drizz-unk!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it!

So well kempt, these boys who come to Eastern Bloc.

Sean, Scott, Ryan and Dave totally wiled out when I started playing Deee-Lite and other early 90s dance hits like Please Don't Go.

"Hello mate! I read about this here bar in my travel guide."

Fridays mean professional go-go boys! Kyle and Darren (not pictured) used the DJ booth as their changing room, which meant all sorts of underwear was flying everwhere. And I liked it.

Once Mike left, this was the only type of pic I had time to take. Work hard, play hard

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