Saturday, May 12, 2007


Homegirl was one hour late to her concert last night and completely blitzed. Surprised? I wasn't. But I had to split early and bring the noise to Good Times at Eastern Bloc, where things got crunk.

I love this crew. They've been coming for the past few weeks and totally turn it out every time.

This duo was all up on the dancefloor and didn't give a shit what I was playing. Or maybe it was just THAT good.

Cheers! Not sure if this crew was DOA (drunk on arrival) but they acted like it.

Barely summer and ladies are wearing their sunglasses at night already. Indoors. Go figure.

This one was jumping up and down on the couch, yelling "worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!" everytime I played another track.

James and Tommy came out post-Arcade Fire concert. I bet Arcade Fired started on time. Sober.

Joe and Cesar are both hot, skinny and Spanish and I love them both.

Out Magazine in the hizz-ouse.

Jaime, Matt and Sean made a rare Wednesday night appearance in support of their favorite Fegeleh DJ.

FUCK YOU AMY WINEHOUSE! Jaime says for making him wait an hour in a sweat box of a club with lots of straight women.


Aron dropped in to hear me play Q Lazzarus' Goodbye Horses from Silence of the Lambs. Always a crowd favorite and/or a really creepy flashback.

Jason and yours truly, setting the mood from the DJ booth.

Eastern Bloc -- a great place to party after work (even this picture was taken at 130am).

"We're SO glad that you're not spinning the same time as American Idol because we seriously would not be here right now."

Hey. I just realized that this week's boys weren't as bearded as usual. Okay. The one on the right has a LITTLE stubble, but still.

Bye Ludo! Eastern Bloc and everyone on Craigslist m4m will miss you when you leave your Paris vacation next week.

Andrew and Marc, looking handsome as ever. Andrew is king of the deep-V. That's when you know summer has really begun.


Your other musical tastemaker of the evening, Baby C a.k.a. Chris.

Carl had just closed a massive feature for a magazine and was way relieved to being hearing Fergie's Glamorous for the umpteenth time.

This week, I learned that Patches' (left) real name is something really, really polish.

This guy was like, don't take my picture, and I was like, are you fucking kidding? Nobody dresses like that and has hair and a moustache like that without desparately wanting to be photographed.

When NYU finals are over, you can expect more young, handsome boys like this every Wednesday night.

I am running out of things to say so I am going to let this photo speak for itself.

I intuitively knew that Jaime (left) was jewish. And no, we did not play jewish geography. Well, maybe a little.

Jarred could have very well won best dressed last night, though I bet he was sweating balls beneath that blazer.

Chris made a friend last night. Or brought a friend who he got to know a whole lot better.


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