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By now, the sad story of our former Good Times photographer Kelvin losing my camera in a car on the Wednesday night of my birthday has been told before. The good fortune born out of this incident, however, was realized at last Wednesdays Good Times party at Eastern Bloc when 1) patrons began wanting to have their picture taken now that Kelvin is gone and 2) we were treated to an encore performance of two numbers by Natasha Raye since pictures from her original performance for my birthday have gone missing.

Natasha (center) kicked off the evening early, getting down and dirty with early bird guests who arrived at 10pm for my nu disco and tech house set (which was fieeeeerce, by the way).

Mega drool. I actually got on the mic a little before 11pm and started the $1 vodka special early just to be sure this gaggle of mustachioed hunks would hang around.

Speaking of hunks, barback Rob and Good Times muse Shaquandré were both sporting sexy stubble and buzzed up haircuts last Wednesday. We likey.

The Chaz-titty posse.

We're coming up on one year since we did that Pixies party for bartender William's birthday and I'm not quite sure how we're gonna top it. Oh wait, we have DJ Apt One, Mandy & Jools from Bassment, a cool dad poppers party with Rich King and fucking Horse Meat Good Times with Severino all happening in June. #BestMonthEver.

GAY HIPPIE RIVALRY! Frank (center) was losing in the scraggly beard department but won points with his awesome hippie hair and got the gold after telling his opponent he had moved to Portland, Oregon indefinitely.

Martyn (right) made a Good Times visit all the way from good ol' England. Upon further investigation, I've learned that he's actually a real life Geordie a la The Geordie Shore, my new favorite TV show ever. Now hold me beer while I chat wit me lads about me shag pad.

Meanwhile at the gay Jersey Shore, my Banjee Boy crew of two aka Mikey (center) and Jose vacationed in Asbury Park this past weekend at a gay Jersey circuit party, which should probably have its own reality mini-series on Logo.

Really pumped to see Natasha perform Beyonce and Nicole Scherzinger again! Oh, and to hear Telfar, who guest DJed with me once again and turned this mutha out.

Scott (center) and a pair of buttoned-up boys.

Still partying after a long and prosperous Urban Bear weekend.

Jorge, giving major beard and an even more major side eye!

It's hard to spook the backpack look now that Good Times coat check is officially closed for the season (our coat check is mostly open when Fire Island isnt. PS - I'm DJing High Tea this Friday!) but since his backpack is enhancing those pecs, I'm guessing it is indeed part of the look.

Actually, the backpack look is definitely a thing. It's like the new hanky code and Danny's leather pack (center) is saying harder better faster stronger!


Xander (center, with me and Mikey) was NEXT LEVEL with that two-toned hair and beard combo (or lumberjack Jerry Garcia, as I like to call it.)

HEADS UP: Next Wednesday's Good Times party features the indubitably talented Michael Magnan (right) and myself giving you an education in everything Armand Van Helden, our fantasy DJ idol.



Natasha must have been practicing because she was giving it hard and the crowd was feeling it. As was she.

Telfar! Telfar was actually very entranced in his mix, which sounded amazing as usual. We're both in rotation to DJ Ladyfag's new Saturday night party at the old Opaline on Avenue A. It's called Wahwee and its this Saturday and I'm DJing the early set. Come say hayyyyy!

San Francisco's Nikola Z. (right), introducing New York's Kevin C. to the wonders of jewelry, furs and exposed nipples.

Michael (left) and a new special friend of his.

Yes, that bar stool says Heather on it because Eastern Bloc is on top of its game when it comes to to the pop cultures of 2011 and 1976. Oh, and Patrick (right) loves him a good seat at the bar.

Kiss me once! Kiss me twice! C'mon pretty baby kiss me deaddddddd-leeeeeeeee!

The artist formerly known as Kevin the coat checker. From now on, we will refer to him as Panama Jack U Off.

Loving this shorty seated at the bar who was already ready to pose for me when I snapped this pic.

In case you were wondering who told me they were happy to have their photo taken now that the cameraman isn't constantly harassing them, it was Joey (left), though only on the condition that I pose with him.

I think the Budweiser says a lot.

I love seeing Greg (left) because he reminds me of partying with Lina, who I can pretty much only see if I sneak out to Fire Island from now until November.

Actually, speaking of Fire Island, Parker (right) has his first share out this summer and has offered to host me one weekend. I'm so choosing Pines Party weekend too cuz Lina AND Horse Meat Disco are DJing it this summer and I am DYING for that.

TREND ALERT! Much like coat check Kevin (aka Panama Jack U Off), Gary is making a concerted effort to bring back the overall shorts for this summer season.

I did a double take at the bathroom line when I saw that 'fro on the left, as I knew it could only belong to my long lost Israeli friend known as Omer (left, with Roi) who magically popped up back in New York City last week. ברוכים השבים


Who run the pole dancing area of the club? GIRLZ.

This crew was a little shy about having their photo snapped but I eased them into it with the promise of booze and an upcoming performance of Natasha Raye doing Nicole Scherzinger's "Wet," complete with water bottle effects.

Best look of the evening (besides Xander), hands down, case closed .

Billy Savage, who told me his name was Billy Savage and then urged me to find him on facebook under the name Billy Savage. Note taken.

Next up: Kurt Cobain Good Times anyone?

From left: Matteo aka Teo, Kinoshita aka Shita, Princess of Power and Frankie G., simply known as Frankie G.

More backpack shows. Maybe Eastern Bloc should seriously consider reopening coat check in the spring summer or polling patrons as to whether the backpack thing is a truly the look of 2011.

Legendary downtown designer Chris Habana, who I once again begged for free swag. LOVE YOU CHRIS!

Are these three not the cutest? And you know why they're smiling so broadly, right?...





Up and coming recording artist Alonge, playing fake camera shy with transparent props no less.

Let's get a little wetttttttttttttttt, the sequel.

Quality time with Ricky on a rare night out with his man Wesley, who was very much missed at our Good Times party.

Damian (center) was kind enough to introduce us to these hunky Australian men who were visiting from down undah.

We're onto you Jose (left) and your baked goods promises to unsuspecting young men!


Thanks for another great Good Times! Come see me at High Tea on Fire Island this Friday. Otherwise, catch me at Wahwee on Saturday or the Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop soiree this Sunday, which is sure to be poppin'.

Day looks, 4am. See you next week for our Good Times Guide to Armand Van Helden. xo

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