Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Before I owned turntables, cd decks or, more importantly, a cd burner (such a time existed!), I would head down the hallway of my college dormitory to burn cds off of my younger, more technologically hip neighbor's computer. That neighbor, Michael Fichman (aka Fich, or DJ Apt One) and I both ended up becoming DJs and sharing an equal love for disco and dance tracks, which is why I was delighted to have him guest at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc for a night of Philly disco and more.

Nothing says lets get this party started like that gorgeous mullet on the left (and that Black Eyed Peas track, Let's Get It Started, which you will NOT hear me playing any time soon, thank you.)

If you matched the face on the right with the hair on the left, I swear you'd have the perfect doppelganger for my favorite news anchor, Anderson Cooper.

So many men, so many mouth movements happening in one single photo.

Ricky, spread-eagled and ready to par-tayyyyy!

Meet Ryan Chastity. That's not his real last name but its close enough and would be perfect for his future career in porn.

Marko, singing "I'm in the corner, watching you kiss her" to himself.

Patrick (left) and Dennis and Dennis' big back of tricks, and by tricks I mean sex toys. Or hair styling equipment.

The self-proclaimed brainchild behind "bringing back the popped collar," James V. (right), opted for a more Hellsea look last Wednesday. And its official - Hellsea is a thing (that area between Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea) and we can begin mocking it immediately (till I move there in a few more years).

Me and DJ Apt One (right), who required the use of turntables for his Serato scratch setup but ended up sounding fucking fantastic, so I wasn't mad about schlepping them back to my non-Hellsea apartment at 4am.


Chastity (right) and Brando, giving you face face face beauty face.

Chicago cub convention! Erik scared us last month when he shaved that gorgeous beard off his handsome face. Luckily its back and right in time for his birthday, which coincides with Mikey Lollo's June 22 Good Times birthday, aka POPPERS & COOL DAD JAMS w/me and Rich King and lots of alkyl nitrates.

Kissed by a rose on the gray.

Licked by a venus flytrap on the purple.

Reminding me of the good 'ol days when XY Magazine was still around for pedophiles who didn't yet have internet access.

Hammy (left) and Smithy, in a ginger 'stache duel to the death.

The Breeders! And this isn't just a Kim and Kelly Deal reference, though I love hearing me some Breeders at any Good Times event.

DISCLOUSE: DJ Apt One is not of the gay persuasion. SORRY FELLAS! In fact, he tied the knot to his boo (who is an RG, or real girl) the week before our party. But he's an honorary gay cuz he does an awesome gay party in Philly called The Ball and put out a Diana Ross remix and probs gives awesome mustache rides...to his wife.


Greg (left) and Andrew, getting into some amazing disco re-edits courtesy of Apt One. Meanwhile, I'm into both of their shorts and am in serious need of a summer shorts makeover stat.

Outdoor smoking season has begun! I mean, did it ever really go out of style (apart from when that no smoking in public places law went into effect)?

HIZIES Mikey (left) and Gabriel! Let the dance party begin!!!

It has been too too long since I've seen one of my favorite Good Times patrons of all time ever. His name is AJ (left) and he wonderful and married and now an official wine expert who like, teaches wine classes in a bow tie.

Alex C. (right) in a MAJOR Spice Girls tee.

The most fancy DJ setup we've had at Good Times in a while, especially since those aren't real records. Neat, huh?

Still not seeing any signs of James V.'s popped collar comeback trend that he bragged about the other week.

JUNNNNNIIIIIIII! Juni doesn't come out nearly enough so if its disco that he requires, then its disco we shall serve, especially since we're doing a HORSE MEAT GOOD TIMES on June 29th with the one and only mixmaster Severino.

Philly's finest meets New York City's finest and then some. Drool!

In case handsome music and handsome men do not hold your interest at Eastern Bloc, we now have not one but TWO arcade machines that are sure to break in 3, 2, 1...

Ladies are always welcome at our Good Times party but even moreso next week when house DJ girlfriends Jools Palmer and Mandy Graves of Bassment fame take to the decks for a very special Bassment Good Times on June 15.

Greg (center) is giving you There's Something About Mary hair down boots and I'm feeling it.

The Grace Jones moment of the evening.

Bros before hoes.

Because the guest DJ was straight-but-not-narrow, I began to suspect that every cutie in the bar was bisexual, which does not bode well with the rampant biphobia I've been witness to in the East Village. END BIPHOBIA NOW!

The New York City nightlife reenactment of that famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo called VJ Day, The Kiss. (More like BJ day.)

Xander to everyone: I BEAT THAT BITCH WITH A BAT.

Being that Apt One came up from Philly for this gig, it was only natural for patrons to display their brotherly love.

The bear den corner.

From this photo forward, you tell that it is well past 2am, as dudes only dance like this and pose like after a few good Jaeger shots.

Thrupple! (Maybe we aren't so biphobic after all.)

Piggy piggybackers.

Me and the true love of my life, the one and the only Ms. Dina Delicious.

Dina dished on everything from her upcoming album and video to her time out in LA of late and her future career as a reality show star. We have our fingers crossed for all of the above.

What Good Times would be complete without a pic of our handsome young bar back Rob?

People often ask me what Twerking actually means and I usually just say, it's a dance move. Well in case you were wondering what the dance move looked like in action, this is it!

Bad boys bad boys, whatchagonna do? Whatchagonna do when they come for you?

Dinish and Mikey. It was love at first sight.

Dina (left, with JR) need to come back and host every single Wednesday.

Brilliant and offensive all at once. And definitely time for last call.

See you next week for Bassment Good Times with the unstoppable DJ duo that is Mandy Graves and Jools Palmer! xo, Sparber

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