Wednesday, June 22, 2011


After months of not being able to Jools and Mandy's Bassment party due to its unfortunate time slot (same night, same time as Good Times), we found the perfect solution at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc: bring Bassment to us! (Note: Bassment is actually moving to the Monster on Thursdays, but we took advantage of the ladies' first free Wednesday and thank god we did.)

My neighbor and Daisy Spurs dancer Brian M. (right) popped in for an early drink when I was just getting the party started with some nu disco courtesy of the Magician, who I've been living for of late.

Camouflaged! And its working cuz I don't see huh.

Boys of summer. I love how the one on the right is biting his finger in anticipation of themed Good Times when really, Bassment is all about bass! (and house music, obvs.)

Totally thought he was wearing white linen overalls which would have been real major, though whatever it is he's wearing is still pretty major. I just can't figure out what it is.

Doug (left, with Bretty) delivered the bad news that he was sacked earlier in the day and will now be moving to San Diego to pursue his dream of becoming a real life Katy Perry California Gurl.

Patrick, striking a pose on the latest prop to Eastern Bloc, the Centipede arcade game from 1980.

Such a treat to see best buds Sean (left) and Casey on a rare outing in the East Village. Both went bonkers when I played 808 State, apparently because it was their jam back when they roomed together in 1990something.

My acid house set just happened to match his acid washed denim jacket. And he approved.

You can be my thug tonight. We can tear it up tonight.

Dance Party USA!

Chastity and Parker, a match made in Pantone heaven.

Attack of the ginger beards! Help! Please. Someone.

All I can say is that if I owned those pants, I would wear them morning, noon and night with nothing else on, Iggy Pop steez.

Mel, Sean and Liam (from right), ready to rush the dance floor cuz look who just walked in...

JOOLS & MANDY! These bitches do not mess around when it comes to house music. I am so so excited that Bassment is now on Thursdays at Monster because if I can ever muster up the energy after a long Wednesday night, I will so be Bassmenting with them on a weekly basis.

Multicolored moments in love.

So nice to see Daniel (right) and his boo Chris out and about in the East Village, especially after Daniel came out about his trichopathophobia via twitter recently.

Wowee zowee! My goodness, girl, look at him. He's the cutest brother in here. And he's comin' this way! Oooooooooo...

McNelly and Risotto.

Granted this was the last Good Times of springtime but why was everyone and their mother in a sweater or a button up?! We're kicking off the official summer season with a Poppers & Daddies party at next week's Good Times in honor of birthday boy Mikey Lollo and starring DJ daddy Rich King.

My old David Barton Gym coworker! Ah, the good ol' days of DJing at David Barton before they informed me that DJs had to begin paying to work out at DBG, at which point I said buh-bye.

Mark A., always the ladies man.

Ooooh, she's totally coming for the guy with the wacky pants from before with this major look. Lucky for both of them, their paths didn't cross that night.

This is what happens when you wear leather suspenders.

The "outdoor balcony" portion of Eastern Bloc.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! William (right) rung in another year on earth this week, celebrating with a very late night appearance at Metropolitan (where I DJ on Friday) and then on Fire Island over the weekend. Hope you got everything you wished for in that meat rack!

Okay, so the Eastern Bloc sound system isn't exactly built for house music. Blame that kooky family of three (father, mother and daughter) that all live together upstairs IN A STUDIO.

Next up: tackle football Good Times. Or maybe it should just be Jello wrestling Good Times.

Bowling into your friends Good Times.

Alon (right) filled me in on his upcoming musical project, for which he has adopted a new persona that will now and forever be known as...wait for it...ALONE! (Really hoping that Alone covers Heart's Alone.)



This was happening outside....

...while this was happening inside.

And he was telling me about the naked paint party he had come from at someone's house while THAt was happening on the stripper pole behind him.

Thanks Jools & Mandy! (and Dandy, right, a favorite DJ of ours as well). Catch these ladies starting this Thursday at the Monster. See you next week for Poppers & Daddies Good Times with me and Rich King. xo, Sparber

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