Friday, June 10, 2011


By some miracle of god, the camera and photos that were allegedly "left in a car" by Good Times photographer Kelvin on the night of May 4 (aka my birthday) have been returned to me! Even though this party went down one month ago, it feels likes its been AGES, which is a nice way of saying I don't remember much from that night.

I do remember DJ Nita (right, with Nelson and Evans) playing the opening set of the evening as she has a day job to attend to and couldn't make it too much of a bender (for once).

Awwwwww. Rob (left) and Mike, who are both looking so young and impressionable here. Ahhh, the good ol' days of May.

Robinson (left) and Rob had just come from the final night of the Kylie concert wearing matching Kylie tanks but were somehow ejected early from the concert which made for a fun start to our party. Never really got the full story on that "ejection" though.


This was actually Saul's first visit to Good Times in the four years we've been doing this party and we were hoping he'd become a regular till he broke the sad news that he's moving back to Mexico in October. (cue Say It Ain't So-oooo-woah-oo-woahhhhh.)

Eric (left) and his handsome Brazilian house boy.

Steven and Tom were just dating back in the beginning of May. Now they're full on engaged and have a registry at Rainbows & Triangles.

A slight tickle of the nipple sent him straight into ecstasy.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Jeffrey since this particular night. Perhaps my camera isn't the only thing that went missing on May 4th. PRAY FOR JEFFREY! He could be lost in the West Side Club for all we know.

Since this photo, Jacob (left) and Tony (right, looking absolutely smashing with that beard I might add) have MOVED! Yes, child. Things change in a month. Welcome to Brooklyn Jacob and Tony!

These dudes came over to me solely because I was wearing a union suit and they thought that was a pretty bold move. Come to think of it, it was a pretty bold move (and yes I was wearing underwear thankyouverymuch) but so is this dude's sweatshirt.

One-Half Nelson, throwing her eyeballs by wearing indoor sunglasses dahhhlinngggg.

I cunt hear you.

Among the amazing roster of performers I had at my birthday party, Natasha Raye (pictured) did her DEBUT Good Times performance that night. She did an encore a week or two later because we never thought these pics would see the light of day but as you can tell from her outfit, she was letting us have it. (P.S. - Benji S. is throwing major side eye.)

David (left) had gotten his tan on early, as this was still late spring. You can only imagine how he's looking right now in June (answer = black.)

Jared (right) and friends, hugging it out.

After Nita and I spun, Ryan McKnight got things on the dance floor going like this, which is exactly what I wanted to see at my birthday celebration or any party I'm at, for that matter.

HIZIES EPIPHANY! Ms. Thing has been getting paid (hence her full name, Epiphany Get Paid) like nobody's business, which is perhaps why we haven't seen her in a minute either. Looking as stunning as always too.

Erickatoure Aviance offered up a beautiful rendition and explanation of her original song, Behind the Waterfall, both of which are a bit blurry to me but I think they were blurry to her at the moment too. LOVE YOU ERICKA!

What would a birthday be without my wifee Ms. Stephanie Stone?! All those haters talkin' trash in the background can zip it because Miss Stone will be having none of that, ya hear?

Greg (right) and Andrew have since become Good Times regulars thanks to the amazing time we've been throwing down every effing Wednesday night. Don't be fooled by Greg's weekend Fire Island getaway pics either. She divides her city and beach time up real well.

Red frames and a red cardigan. Totally coordinated.

Ladies of the night, now starring Maddox Madison (left) who has been blowing us away with new nightlife looks on a daily basis. Obvs 2011 is Maddox's moment to shine.

Keepin' it BK with PBR in a can, y'all.

Me and my tall friends, letting me feel somewhat similar to their height on the occasion of my birthday (as in Thomas and Scott are totally both squatting).

THE CULPRIT, aka Kelvin (center, with Jason and Javier), who partied a little too hard that night, losing my camera and then promising to return for over a month. In the end, I guess he did get it back and thankfully so, as this was mostly certainly one of the more precious Good Times to date.

Sexy boys and girls, giving you a sexy legging effect no less.

DATS IT! That's my gurl Natasha getting all Beyonce up in this beyonce. And that's my boy Michael Magnan on the 1's and 2's, who is actually having a birthday at this Saturday's Wahwee party at Drom, which I'm DJing with him (June 11th, if this timeline is confusing you). COME!

Uh oh. We're in trouble. Something's come along and it's burst our bubble.

I can't even fathom the angle of this photo (but loving that head scarf). Like, did Kelvin lay down on the floor to take this pic? Was he taking J. Lo's "Get On the Floor" a little too seriously???

Steph takes the stage (with Magnan in the background) for another Stone showstopper.

Sadly, I can't remember what song she sang. But there's Ryan McKnight in the background! And later on, the girls of Bassment, Jools and Mandy, swung by at 315am for a secret super late night set after their Wednesday party, which has now moved to Thursday. And guess who next Wednesdays guest DJs are at Good Times? JOOLS AND MANDY! Gagggggg.

And once the camera made it outdoors at this point, it wasn't coming back in.

In fact, the camera somehow ended up in Brooklyn (!) on South 5th and Broadway as evidenced by Rosa's Services in the background, where whoever had the camera took this sweet as photo in front of his minivan ride. But trust - the rest of the night was major and there will be more to come at Good Times. See you there! xo, Sparber

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