Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I lay here in bed recovering from the wild week-long celebration that was the extended Black Party, I'm getting nostalgic looking back and captioning these photos from when it all started last Wednesday at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. That's the day my Black Party co-DJ Mark Louque arrived in NYC to give the children a taste of what the weekend would hold and more importantly, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Eve the best way we knew how...drunk.

Steve (left) opted for less green this St. Paddy's Day Eve in favor of a denim button down, which just happens to be the "it" item in London at the moment, FYI.

Two handsome little leprechauns who arrived early enough to catch the $1 vodka open bar we do from 11 - 1130pm every week. Yeah, I know it shoulda been Guinness but the gays like their low calorie cocktails. What can I say?

MASSAGE TRAIN! You can be sure that I would have played "people of the world, join hands, start a massage train..." had I seen this going on.

Giving you five o'clock shadow Color Me Badd style.

I can only hope that the two dudes in plaid had no idea who this stranger was when he came up and grabbed them and started belting out Liza Minnelli lyrics as this photos was snapped.

Meanwhile by the coat check, Kevin was hard at work scoring phone numbers and herbal essences.

I invited occasional Good Times DJ and Irish poster boy Sean McMahill to host our St. Paddy's Day Eve party because contrary to popular belief, there's a pot of liquid gold hidden within him and you must milk it out as demonstrated here by his loving boyfriend Francesco.

That thing when you drool over some dude in San Francisco and then he randomly shows up at your party two months later in New York City. Oh, hi Justin! Loving the patterned hat coordination.

Maybe that milking for liquid gold thing is really a thing.

Chris Brown impressions all around! (as I cue up "I'll Beat That Bitch With a Bat.")

Lucido (left) and Panariello, repping for Italy on this eve of the Irish.

Ohhhhhhh. I'm getting it now. Photographer Kelvin is making everyone suckle on their friends boobs and other unexplainable poses. How good it is to have Kelvin back behind the camera.

Patches texted me the following day asking that I withhold any embarrassing photos or poses Kelvin may have maneuvered him into unsuspectingly. As if I would ever post such photos!

Our handsome barback Rob, out on a cigarette break even though he only gained the legal right to buy cigarettes like, last year.

BUBI! I have a new obsession and his name is Bubi. That is Bubi, pronounced "boobie." He is short and Spanish and dating Paul (right) and his name is Bubi. Get into him.

Joey (right) popped by for the first time ever but only to pick up a pair of discounted Black Party tickets that Mark was selling from the DJ booth. Then we learned that Joey's slave bought him a ticket. Then we learned that Joey has slaves clean his apartment. Then we learned Joey has had three or four slaves in apt. cleaning rotation for 10 years!

The one activity Steven chooses not to do in the Eastern Bloc bathroom! I live!

We promise you you won't go to jail for making a move on Rob. He's definitely of age (as of last year).

Jason, giving you face, body and a beautifully inked up shoulder.

My old scrabble partner Simon (right), scruffing it up at his first Good Times in ages. Perhaps he's hoping for that luck of the Irish thing rub off on the Jews as an early Purim present to him.

Tongue and turban.

And then he kissed me.

My partner in crime for the week Mark Louque (left), with his bevvy of Provincetown bears including Aaron (right), whose riveting performance of Express Yourself from last year's bear week Showgirls still burns brightly in our minds.

I think the girl on the left's look says it all.

Mop top! And I'm digging it.

Albert (second from right) used his I'll-give-you-a-ride-home-in-my-jag line once again to woo another unsuspecting Good Times victim.

Thank you x 1,000 to Jorge for getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day Eve. And for getting shitfaced along with the rest of us, as described by his tshirt.

I attempted to ask Colin (left) to host his people's holiday by way of his friend Peter (who said he couldn't) so I was happy to see Colin out and dressed in head-to-toe green as he should have been.

I'm not sure if Aaron (left) of Scott made it to the actual Black Party on Saturday but I dont remember much about the evening so they very well could have. I do remember it was really fun though in our hidden Love Lounge room up on the balcony.

Living for the angel of death who appears to be asleep at the bar in this here photo.

One of these things is not like the others (and by that I mean what happened to Jason's beard?!)

Can you believe Kelvin and I have been doing our Good Times party for four years?!! I can't, but I'll be celebrating it nonetheless at next week's Good Times Four Year Anniversary Party!!! With a guest DJ who has probably guested more than anybody else in the history of Good Times, Telfar!

Andy, wetting himself by laughing so hard all the way to the left, to the left.

So nice to finally meet you, Mr. Gustavsson (on the left). Really feeling your studded vest too.

When gender lines begin to blur (meaning, its 2am, do you know where the children are?)

X! Not for xtrava-GANZA (though we do love us the Xtravagnzas) but for my new Malcolm X(travaganza) shirt. Oh hi Sean Vickers (right)! Hold onto your knickers.

Kiss me I'm (not) Irish.

HOLY TIME MACHINE! When did Casey go back in time or clone himself and send himself to Good Times to sit at the very same spot at the bar that he usually sits in. And Casey was also a no show that night. Spooky.

Kelvin hijacked the camera and headed over to Urge, cleverly documenting the evening to show us his preferred way of smoking cigarettes.

And when the camera finally arrived back at Good Times, this was going on.

Thank you Mark Louque (with Michael T. and Evans) for an amazing tag team DJ week at Eastern Bloc and the Black Party. Mark and I recorded a new episode of my Twerking Radio podcast that you can download for free at twerking.com or on iTunes. Get into it.

See you next week for our Good Times Four Year Anniversary! xo, Sparber

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