Wednesday, March 16, 2011


And here I was thinking patrons had been coming to our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc for the past four years for the music. Oh, how wrong I was. Just throw two beefy shirtless dudes on a flier and voila! The boys of Boston's Foxy disco party brought out every muscle worshipper in New York City and played a damn good set to boot.

Tongues were out and ready to drool from early on in the evening, as exemplified by one of these beautifully bearded men.

Count how many dudes you're gonna make out with tonight for the camera.

Who doesn't love a gay, curly-haired alum (or two) from the New School down in Florida, where they don't even have grades. Just oversized rainbow sweaters and whatever you call the type of thing Charlie is wearing on the right.

They've got that smug feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Dinner time! Welcome to my weird DJ eating schedule. Thank god for my neighbor, Mat With one T (left, with guest DJ James C.), who came through with some pizza to quench half of my desires.

The other half of my desires is pretty much embodied in that fine piece of southern ass Ricky is showing off here (with Paul on the left. But it wasn't a date. Or was it?)

Rainy season is upon us, as is army fatigue coat color season.

Oh hi James. This is what the people came to see and James is never one to disappoint.

Spazz of the week.

Me, Jason and Michael (from left), along with Michael's trademark clutch which I have grown to love oh so much. Clutches are coming back in 2011 people!

Smiley or constipated?

Her name is Taylor, she lives in Barcelona and she is my new muse.

Meet Nathanael, the other half of the Foxy guest DJ duo, living up to their name with two shots of Jaeger in tow. Tonight's gonna be a good good night for Nathanael. And it was his birthday too!

The happy hotelier couple, Charlie (left) and Jacob. Okay, they don't OWN hotels but they both work at separate ones and bellhop couple just doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Wrap yourself in a hot bushmills." That's an Irish whiskey, by the way, which reminds me to remind you that the next Good Times is St. Paddy's Day eve Good Times! And since our super special italo guest DJ had to fly back to Italy, we have the biggest bearded leprechaun of 'em all guest DJing with me...Mark Louque! (of Provincetown and Manhunt fame.)

Even though Casey (center) has a few years on on Chris (left) and Devin (as in, if you add Chris and Devin's ages, you still don't get Casey's), his game is apparently IMMACULATE.

Kelvin was back this week snapping photos such as this gem, which I present to you undoctored and uncropped. This is exactly what Kelvin shot because this is exactly how Kelvin saw it.

Whatever Kelvin was doing to get this photo, these three were unenthused.

Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from the Eagle in London and straight of the plane, I present to you Gareth M. (right), a nice English bloke who found his way to inebriation quite quickly.

The Berghoef, giving you a droopy-necked top as a shout out to the couture shows of Paris' fashion week, which was happening simultaneously across the pond.

Good Times' male muse of the moment Michael V. (left) and his satanically majestic friend.

I spy a triple kiss! But who could it be?

Why it's England's own Gareth M., giving snogging lessons to the boys of New York City (though I know you're really just looking at James in the background).

Andrew (right) and Willy, giving you body AND face.

We just found out that Jordan (right) is having an art opening at Krause Gallery this coming Thursday. Just remember: the more art he sells, the more he can party so please support our local artists.

Frames frames frames I give frames beauty frames.

William (left) and friends, giving you tattered shirts and paint-stained pants.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Michael T. (right) actually introduced me to James (left) when we all DJed a Michael Jackson party together last year and the (downtown New York City DJ) world is a better place now because of it. Oh, and Michael emailed me 8 times to ask James to wear boots :)

Russian Dennis, you're looking slightly different this evening. Oh wait, its Sean L. My bad.

Nathanael and James aka the boys of Foxy not only lived up to their name but played a really fantastic disco set and James even volunteered to get into a towel (!) to match the photo I sent out as the party promo. Now that's some devotion.

Ricky, Thomas and Paul (from left), standing by as Paul demonstration his oration skills.

Miguel and friend, grooving to the tunes of Vivian Vee and Madleen Kane. Yes, the DJs played Cherchez Pas and we all died!

Ever get that feeling that you're just a piece of meat for photo opps and nookie? Note the slit in James' towel. Get it!

Good Times! These. Are. The. Good Times!

Dear anyone with a jewfro: I am sorry I skipped out on having a Purim party this year. Please let me make it up to you by hosting another wigs and wieners party when the weather gets good enough for hot doggin' it up.

Oh, and because I didn't say it before...BIKER AND PAINTER CAP TREND ALERT!

Thinking about heading home by 3am? Fuggedaboutit!

Someone tried on their Black Party outfit a week early. Which reminds me to remind you that I'm DJing the Black Party Expo (Friday, March 18) and the balcony / "love lounge") at the actual Black Party on Saturday, March 19. And we're selling tickets at the next Good Times for $100, which is like, $20 - $40 cheaper than if you buy 'em at the door.

Meet one of next week's St. Paddy's Day hostesses, Ms. Mikey "Callahan" Lollo and her main squeeze (or squeezer), big George.

Gareth, what became of your knickers? And why is that dude all angry on his phone? He's like, SOMEONE JUST DROPPED THEIR PANTS! I'M OUTTA HERE!

Jorge (center), Jorge's friend and Aron (left), with a bleeding heart or an alcohol accident, which happens from time to time in a really small bar where people knock into you right and left.

Hello Rob. Hello James. Hello K. Fern. You thought you could avoid the camera all night long, didn't you?

Feeling like I'm the only girl in the world right now.

James (right) was even kind of enough to give outdoor shows at one point in the evening.

And Nathanael (left, humping on Jermaine) was kind of enough to explain that this was the best night of his life. He also explained that despite all the dudes who hit on him, he only likes black guys, which must be really tough living in Boston and all.

Thank you to the boys of Foxy and everyone who came out.

See you next week for St. Paddy's Day Eve Good Times! Oh, and we're so bringing the Foxy boys back. For their music, of course :)

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