Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thank you mother nature, for sleeting and snowing on our Good Times Four Year anniversary party. I mean, it didn't stop us from dressing like it was the middle of summer (does it ever?) but it did put a slight damper on the festivities.

Roofying him so I can snag that panda bear Kiss sweater. I'm not kidding.

All things considered, the anniversary party was still pretty awesome despite the fact that we all had to strap on galoshes and carry umbrellas to the bar. A leather jacket works wonders too, as usual.

Boys, sometimes a girl just needs one.

Alex (in the yellow) has been a Good Times patron for almost the entire four years we've been up and running (I think he moved back to Michigan for like, a hot second). He also was showing off an extra small and extra amazing yellow sweater on Wednesday with cows printed all over it. (theme: we LOVE animals printed on sweaters).

HALLELOO that Shangela got booted from RuPaul's Drag Race this week, which I watched with Andy (left) and Miguel. We are now all wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that she isn't brought back next week.

DOUBLE CELEB SIGHTING! It's Logo star John Polly (center), accompanied by producer and performer Rod Thomas (right), who popped in after a few performances at South by Southwest in Texas, where the weather was certainly a bit more charming (though he's from London so I'm sure the sleet didn't matter all that much.

GUESS WHO HAD A DATE EARLIER IN THE EVENING? I'll give you a hint: they're both pictured here.

Me and my former coworker Dougie, who was sporting a handsomely cropped hairdo and a surprisingly low blood alcohol level. Then again, it was only 12 or 1am when he popped by.

Ryan and Evans, up in smoke.

Kelvin's photo taking doesn't do much just to the Israeli cuteness that is Arik (second from left) and his friends that may have been visiting from the west coast.

NEW COUPLE/BREAK UP ALERT: Sean (left) and Medo's whirlwind romance just started but is also just ending, as Sean will be moving to Seattle the day after the next Good Times (with guest DJ Billy Beyond!), which is why we're hosting a BYE BYE SEAN! party at next week's party. New York most definitely will not be the same without him.

Jon (right) and friend, giving you white party realness, Palm Springs style.

And on the fourth anniversary of our Good Times party, Sweet Jesus himself made an appearance.

PLEASE DON'T GO! "Babe, love you so. And I want you to know. That I'm gonna miss your love the minute you walk out that door."

Thank you to Eddie Black (left, with Andreas and Kevin) for making my black party experience extra fantastic (and not just because his name matches the party, but that helps, as does Rebecca Black).

The lovely mid-March weather we experienced.

We now know the secret to Michael P.'s (left) late late nights in NYC: he has to stay or take a bus back to Jersey. The horror!

Speaking of Jersey, our favorite Jersey boy Kevin came in bearing hugs and kisses and love for Good Times.

Four years of stinky armpits! Get into it.

No matter black white or beige, chola or orient, Good Times all around. (Totally looking at you Jason for the chola part.)

Shiny happy people wearing suits.

Telfar (right, with Michael) joined me as guest DJ for the festivities though Kelvin seems to have an aversion to photographing our guest DJs. Go figure. THANK YOU TELFAR, our most guested DJ in the history of Good Times so far.

Oh yeah, and there were pretty people too. See you next week for Good Times with Billy Beyond: Back from Beyond and a rowdy farewell for Sean Spalding. xo

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