Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Instead of a more appropriately titled July party name like Gonna Make You Sweat, we opted for a more classy, disco themed title to last week's Good Times party, our weekly Wednesday shindig at Eastern Bloc: Wet Hot American Donna Summer. And yes, it was wet, it was hot and Michael T. and I turned out the Donna Summer.

Our evening began with a Journey to the Center of Your Heart, or the hearts of three young men who just wanted to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beers for really really cheap.

One chap even passed the eff out from too many Pabst Blue Ribbons at like, 1045pm as two handsome fellows gawked in disbelief.

Leave it to Colin to take advantage of the handicapped and inebriated.

UPCOMING PARTY ANNOUNCEMENTS: August 11 will go down in history as the first Grace Jones Good Times, featuring guest DJ and Grace aficionado Gant Johnson (right) as well as performances by One-Half Nelson and Erickatoure Aviance. And next month, voluptuous jewess Harreit (left) is hosting our annual big gay jewish New Year's Rosh Hashana party on September 8th. GAG!

This week, Harriet was a bit busy cockblocking Mikey (left) from his big, tattooed internet friend on the right.

And when I say cockblocking, I mean cockblocking.

"Ooooooh. Sorrrrrryyyyyy about that" (in Harriet's faux Minnesoooootahhh accent).

Tanks for everything.

Oh Colin. What would we do without you?

Bad girls! Michael T. (second from right) was giving hair, blouse and shows for days! And Halloween (his favorite holiday ever) is still three months away.

Disco hair! Sadly, someone decided to Dim All The Lights during this here pic.

Taken during the first 10 minutes of the Love to Love You Baby 12-inch mix.

Taken during the second 10 minutes of the Love to Love You Baby 12-inch mix.

NEWSFLASH! Charles' (on the right) alter ego Stephanie Stone is releasing an ALBUM!!! Charlize sprung it on us this past weekend and has already teased us with the first single, Thank You, which I'll be teasing you with at next week's Berzerk Good Times w/DJs Teabag and Stinky Pinky playing Hi NRG and all the future Stephanie Stone hit of the decade.

Hot stuff x 2!

Rainblo (right) needs a Flavor Flav-esque reality show where daddies and silver foxes like this one here have to tickle his heart and take him on his sought after international tour of Disneyworlds.

Adam (second from right) is really going for the Adam Lambert effect with those half gloves and that eyeliner. [I'd insert an Adam Lambert song reference here but I truly don't know his music. Sorry! No Glee requests either!]

A certain photographer must have confused Donna and Diana cuz I sure didn't play I Ain't Been Licked, though I probably should have.

When things started to get blurry...literally.

This new poster reminds me of how much we miss our Spanish bear daddy friend Juanjo and how we really need to go DJ Spain some time soon. Speaking of which, I'm DJing London in October. Let me know if you wanna book me.

This time I know its for real.

And next time I know its for realer. See you next week!

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