Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Nightclubbing. We're nightclubbing. We're what's happening. In fact, at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, Grace Jones was what's happening. And guest DJ Gant Johnson was happening too. And most of all, a very special performance by One-Half Nelson and Erickatoure Aviance was very much the haps. As in happening.

Gant is ready to put some Grace in your face! And our in-house decorator/bartender Darren was kind enough to put Grace's face in an appropriate place.

The great thing about Grace is her timelessness. As in, most of these kids were not yet born before Slave to the Rhythm yet they still remain loyal slaves to the rhythm.

DJ Will was kind enough to sell and hand deliver a Spank! tank top to me early on in the night (buy yours here). That's right - I have private tank top dealers that deliver!

Oh Murphy. We miss you now that you get to travel coast to coast nearly every other week. At least we can still hang on to Jonathan (right) and hope that he dares to wear those white clamdiggers after labor day.

Like any true Grace Jones fan, Doug (left) got completely messy before even showing up and proceeded to get messier and messier as the night wore on. Grace would be proud.

NEW COUPLE ALERT! Maybe. Not really sure what's going on with Roman (left) and Will but I'm not mad at it in the least.

Also not mad at Desi (center) for showing up on a Wednesday in a tank top and a leather cap and giving major body courtesy of his new personal trainer. Va va voom!

Shades of summer.

Oooh. Someone still has cake on their dress from Kelvin's birthday last week. I won't tell though, as it looks like Ricky is getting ready to Feeeeeeeeeeeel, up!

I seriously hope that Luey (center) got on the horn with Michael T. (not pictured) and planned to wear out matching Playboy tshirts on the same evening.

The two in the button downs might just be Corporate Cannibals, though judging by the amount of plaid that was going on in da club last week, I'm not so certain about this.

Casey, giving you a sparkly blazer with shoulder pads. O.V.A.H.

Another new couple alert! No, not these two but a handsome hairy hunk that Andy (right) met while bartending on Fire Island. He's born, bred and based on Long Island though so your chances of a threesome are slim to nil :(

Peter (left) and I watched many concerts together many moons ago when we both worked concessions at Jones Beach Amphitheater for a crazy lady manager who dated one of Stevie Nicks' drummers just so she could hang out with Stevie.

The Birdy (center) is the wordie, especially after pulling off a successful Sanctuary party with a gaggle of other hosts last Sunday at Woody's. LOOK OUT SUSANNE BARTSCH!

Desi's owl tattoo is everything! No offense Rainblo (second from left). I love all your tats too. But not as much as I love that big ol' owl.

A play on that age old question of whether you can touch your nose with your tongue.

Mikey (left) found a friend named Fran (center) who hailed from Spain yet someone made Kevin (right) look closer in color to Grace Jones.

Boys who wonder: Am I Ever Going to Fall in Love In New York City?

I have no idea what that bejeweled gorgeousness is on his shoulder but I wholeheartedly approve. We really need to have a bedazzler Good Times Lesley and the Licks style.

That Cuban hat on her made me think they were drinking Mojitos which made me instantly jealous, as nothing goes down smoother to My Jamaican Guy than a fresh Mojito.

Wait. Who's that entering over by the door? And where did that flashing strobe light come from?

Ooooooooh! Erickatoure and One-Half Nelson are giving you BLUUUUUUUUUE FACE!


Nelson and Ericka actually waltzed all over the bar, from an entrance at the entrance to a call-and-response in the DJ booth, popping up and down on the words "warm" and "leatherette," before pouring themselves shots on the bar and finishing up on the stripper pole. Bravo! Brava! Bravi!

It was one of those nights.

Meet your new (uncertified) personal trainer, Ryan M. Get that certification before you get that lawsuit gurl.

Still not sure why this is Andrew's favorite camera pose, especially because it requires 6 ft of space for his tallness, but Michael T. and I were just rolling with the punches at this point.

Que rico!

She's Lost Control. No, literally.

I think someone is about to get the William's Blood in them.

Love on top of love.

And then trouble showed up at the front door and her name was Stephanie Stone. (Straight from the recording studio, no doubt.)

Oh yes, even legendary nightlife promote Lee Chappell, who brought Grace to the Palladium and the Roxy back in the day turned up to celebrate one of his favorite icons of all time.

BREAKING: Facebook is now reporting that Brian (right) has cut off all of his Justin Bieber-inspired hair! Will his next 'do resemble a Grace Jones high top fade?! Inquiring minds want to know.

Only DJ Nita (center) could pull off getting eight of New York's top DJs to play his birthday this Thursday at Santos' Party House in five hours. Yours truly is on at 11pm so arrive early, stay late and get naked.

Men around the house.

Lukas (right, with William) and I talked incoherent shop about old school parties back in Melbourne (Freakazoid!) as I marveled at how his cuteness rivals that of a koala.

For those of you unenthused by the slower beats and Danny Tenaglia remixes of Grace Jones, there's always Duran Duran Good Times next week with devout Duran fan Christy Love, who not only has a DD tattoo (!) and white label DD Junior Vasquez remixes (!!) but says that at one point, she could tell you the height, weight and shoe size of each member!!!


It looks like Chris (in the grey tank top) finally escaped Fire Island (where I'm DJing low tea and the pool this Friday) after like, 25 days of consecutive gay slave labor.

Apparently, he's making good use of his time off the island.

I've seen that face before. No, seriously. The face of good times at Good Times.

Michael (left) and Chris, giving you twin boyfriend effect.

Meanwhile, outside, Ryan (right) was undoubtedly talking Jason's ear off about the music he had already begun to gather and pack for Nita's birthday set. Quivering in antici..........pation.

Though diva T. texted me to ask that I hold the performance until she arrived (I couldn't), she had a ball with the blue faced Graces anyhow.

Michael T. also had a good time with jewbear Eric Leven (as did Eddie, left) who will once again be hosting our big gay jew year's Rosh Hashana party on September 8th, along with Harriet Halloway and any other jews who wanna join in.

Thanks for coming.

See you next week.

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