Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've never been to Seattle's Berzerk! party but I can now say I've brought Berzerk! to New York, and more specifically to our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Last week, head Berzerker DJ Teabag (aka Taylor) and his bestie DJ Stinky Pinky (aka Thomas) brought all kinds of Hi-NRG and eurodisco to Good Times for a danceathon like none other.

These dudes actually emailed me before the party to let me know that they had been practicing eurodisco and italo dance moves for the past two years. And it showed!

My favorite Bel Ami regulars, now with even more late summer cleavage.

Kele needs to talk to the hand for canceling his upcoming Webster Hall gigs. Actually, there were some visa problems with his musicians but he'll be back to perform track of his stellar album, The Boxer, ASAP. And we might DJ together when I head to London October 20 - 26.

Is he bearded? Isn't he bearded? The world will never know until the come spook him at next week's Grace Jones Good Times.

Me and my bestest Frisco amigo Roberto (right), whose visit marked 10 years since he first found me waiting for an internship on the stoop of his Stop AIDS Castro Street office.

We tried to have a major intervention with Steven (left) about his obsessive text messaging habits but apparently shaming him on the internet might be the only option left.


Birthday hugs for Kelvin! It was the little one with a big booty's birthday last week and she didn't want anyone to eat her cake (literally) until everyone was good and drunk and ready to sing Happy Birthday at 355am.

Oh my goddddddddd. Michael M. (left) is down to the final three on his reality show Design Star on HGTV and I'm obsessed! He won't tell me who wins cuz I think he'd have to pay HGTV, like, $1 million or something for breach of contract so I'm totes dying!

Christopher (left) giving you nipple and Duane (center) waiting for the bottle. Yes, I'm excited to put some Grace in Your face with Gant Johnson at the next Good Times. I mean, One-Half Nelson and Erickatoure Aviance are performing! Gagfest?!

The tall blond German was LIVING for my italo and eurodisco and was like, you need to spin this at fashion week. I was like, ummmm, babe, we're gonna love tonight.

Roberto and I kept exclaiming that the crowd was sooooooooo west coasting, including Seattle transplants Andrew (right) and pretty much every other northwest passage passenger besides Charlie K. and Jeff C.

Kevin F. (center) was gleaming after his Robyn and Kelis concert experience, which I attended the following evening and can truly say was the concert of the year.

Murphy, getting ready to practice his mouth to mouth skills.

The Kelvin birthday cake, still uneaten at 1am, at which point Kele and Shawn L. strong armed me into serving it. And it was really really good.

Going Berzerk! with Teabag (left) and Stinky Pinky!


Self-censoring is the new black-bar-over-the-eyes.

Late night shows with B. Raff (left) and Cory, where the Hi-NRG was brought back up to speed when I put Taffy's I Love My Radio on blast.

Hiiiiiiiigh energyyyyyy. Sean S.'s love is lifting me.

Hickey territory in the making.

Eastern Bloc is the new Roxy!

Late night cake tastings with Delish Fame (right) and crew.

What what?! in the butt.

See you next week where Gant, Nelson, Ericka and I are gonna put some Grace in yo' face!

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