Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When I asked superstar DJ Christy Love (one-half of the House of Stank) what kind of party she'd want to do at our weekly Wednesday Good Times shindig at Eastern Bloc, she excitedly said Duran Duran. Little did I know about her Duran Duran tattoo, her plethora of Duran Duran DVDs or her ALL Duran Duran 2.5 hour set, which pretty much made everyone come undone.

The Duran Duran hits (aka radio edits of Rio and Hungry Like the Wolf) pretty much had all the children doing faux karaoke right from the get go.

Girls on (digitial) film.

Say goodbye to those polo shirts boys, as fall is just around the corner and no amount of tank tops or other summerwear can change that :(

JUST CONFIRMED: Telfar (right) is guesting with me on September 15 for a very special Banjee Good Times! Wait, it gets better: adorable hip hopper and fantabulous dancer Ab Soto is performing! Live! With two backup dancers! Banjee power comes to Eastern Bloc.

Ryan (left) and Kurt are totally just friends, which they reiterated to me numerous times throughout the evening in between wrestling moves such as this. (Love those arms, Ryan!)

Also coming this Fall to Good Times - Madonna: Before the Surgery with guest DJ Shawn Lisle (Sept. 1) and our annual big gay Jew Years Rosh Hashana party (Sept. 8). And this coming Wednesday, we have a San Francisco treat in the form of Kevin & Micah, who do a wild Friday night party at the stud called Some Thing. Kevin promises Philly Soul stompers too.

Welcome to Lake Titicaca.

Gary (center) has finally made peace with his inner wild child showing up on film. He's also made peace with the $1 vodkas bar at 11pm.

I'd say someone is lookin' mighty hungry like the wolf.

Lit up by the magical sounds of Electric Sparberella.

Yes to Santi's leather cap! And yes to Luey's lick of love.


I count not one, but two no- no-, no-TORIOUS fellows in this here pic: OUT Music Award winner Brian Kent and porn star heartthrob Johnny Hazzard!

The crotch: a natural place to grab on to someone when a photo is being snapped.

Mikey (left), lacking in what Duran Duran once called, "the reflex."

Lindsay (left, with Michael T.) pretty much walked out of a Julie Brown episode or one of Kennedy the VJ's hosting sessions and into our lovely Wednesday party.

People all over the world, join hands, start a love train.

Wild boys!

Rather than a view to kill, these two are delightful with their view of the wall meat, leaving us with a view of true love, cheek to cheek.

Christy Love played the rarest and most rockin' Duran Duran remixes ever. She also brought her original DD denim jacket and a DD poster that she's owned since 1983. I LOVE CHRISTY LOVE.

Charles (left, with Kevin) is also rocking a Duran Duran original tee, but kind of covered it up with her Seattle unbuttoned flannel look.

More notoriety in the form of our favorite Spice World actor, Alan Cumming, who probs has stories of hanging out with Simon Le Bon like, 200 times.

Micheal and Corey, reunited and it feels so nice.

MEXICO IN THE HOUSE! (and this was before Mexico won Miss Universe five days later.)

Oooooh, and then the late night crunk set kicked in.

And things got a lil' crunk up in hurrrrrrr.

NO MORE PICTURES PLEEEEEEEASE. See you next week for Some Thing at Good Times.

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