Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oprah recently dubbed Arab pop superstar Nancy Ajram the Britney Spears of the Middle East, though she may actually be more like Madonna given that her handsome brother's sexuality has long been questioned.

Apparently Nabil Ajram's newest music video has been locked away after airing for 24 hours because it featured naked men showering with women onlookers. Kind of sounds like the latest Kylie Minogue concert to me, which was the gayest thing I've ever seen. We hope Nabil's video finds its way online and that Nabil finds his way to New York City so we can have the arab pop princess Good Times party we've always dreamt about.

Here's my favorite Arab pop clip of all time:


Anonymous said...

Umm, you're welcome Josh!!!!!!
I totally introduced you to this shit. If Nabil Ajram Comes to your party and you go home with him or something, we aren't talking. K

Anonymous said...

oh and btw, when you going to have a Arab pop diva night? I'll skip work for that. No offense but it's true.