Thursday, October 01, 2009


No actual Courtney but lots of other Courtneys to speak of at last night's Night of 1000 Courtney Loves at Good Times. I pretty much played the entire catalogue except some Pretty on the Inside noise and Gold Dust Woman, which I completely forgot existed. So genius, especially since Courtney's demos for the new album pick up where Stevie Nicks' songwriting career left off.

Courtney Love - Car Crash (cuts off)

Not sure what shape any of those Nobody's Daughter tracks were in when they leaked a year or two ago but I hope they rock out like this one. Last night, I was also informed of a lost Hole track that apparently got pulled from Live Through This a week before it was released. The album art was already printed up so the last track is listed as Rock Star, though the real Rock Star rhymes Madonna and Nirvana and has typical Courtney growls and grunts.

Hole - Rock Star (original version)

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