Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Two days before our Night of 1000 Courtney Loves at Eastern Bloc's Wednesday Good Times party, Court got wind of the fiesta and threatened (via twitter) to show up and "win the prize herself." This meant we actually had to go out and get a prize for the best dressed Courtney, which ended up being men in blond wigs for the most part.

Tom as hipster babushka Courtney.

Ricardo as a tatted up sunset strip Courtney.

Twisting them tig 'ol bitties Courtney in order to get some milk for the pee girl.

Looks like someone was hoping for a Pink Floyd party but got all teary eyed and had to be consoled when he found out we were playing Hole all night long.

This wig actually disappeared by the end of the night, maybe into that dude on the left's mouth. In lieu of filing a missing wig report, please send all tips and sightings to me.

To the crouching handsomeness: You know how when your phone went dead? Well, that was me on the other end.

Tezer (left) brought the Australian handsomeness in the center who is a dancer of some sort but failed to shake is groove thing on the pole for us a la Courtney in the video for Violet.

Tom (right) and friend, drinking a tall glass of drown soda.

The opposite of blinking your eyes as the camera flashes.

Tim (in the back) swears that if you make that face for the camera, you will look eternally youthful. You be the judge.

Guys and girls alike go crazy for Hole. I could play Jennifer's Body on repeat all night and people would still lose their shit.

TREND ALERT: Black leather jackets are officially the new plaid.

An un-PC tribute to Courtney's late husband, Kurt Cobain.

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Bloody Courtney after a fistfight with Kathleen Hanna or something, holding a What Would Courtney Love Do bag!!! BEST COSTUME EVER.

There is something very Weekend at Bernie's about this photo.

The grunge influence at its finest.

A cleaned-up, People vs. Larry Flint-era Courtney.

Adam Joseph (left) and Charles are the girls with the most cake. Charlize was also giving you BOOTS in preparation for his birthday bonanza the following night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCKIE!

An early start to the sidewalk sale.

Ms. Erika (center, with Jackie and friend) was exhausticated after a long day of unsuccessful dungaree shopping. Yes, I said dungarees cuz I'm bringin' it back.

The scarves come out at night!

The real Kathleen Hanna wouldn't be caught dead at a Night of 1000 Courtneys but her doppelganger seemed to be quite alright with it. Up next - Night of 1000 Kathleens?!

My Courtney Love twitter interpreter Marlon (right), was convinced Court would show up at the shindig but if she did, she didn't make it known to anyone at the bar. Celebs can be so stealth when it comes to Eastern Bloc.

She put on her best sunday dress and walked straight into this mess.

Geeks! Do! Not! Have! Ped-i-grees! Or! Per-fect! Punk rock! Re-su-mes!

Ryan (left) and Kevin are currently looking for cool employment opportunities but are also pretty satisfied with partying every night of the week. Now if only they could get paid for it.

James (left, with the elusive Paul P.) celebrated his birthday with us and was the main inspiration for the Courtney party. He also had an amazing Court costume and a wig that smelled like pee but somehow Kelvin didn't really photograph it.

French art film student Courtney.

Somewhere in an alternate universe known as the west side, someone was throwing a Night of a 1000 Madges and these partygoers got a tad confused.

Frankie, Timmy and Bretty (from left), ready for the baseball game and an encore performance of Malibuuuuuuu.

Steve as Cousin It Courtney.

Alon (left, with Paul) throws a rad disco monthly at the Hose called Planet Zizmor which is happening this Saturday. And then me and Gant do our three-day weekend disco monthly at Eastern Bloc called Love Hangover. Get into it.

Speechless. She wins our Miss World contest for sure.

Who's better than the one and only Linish (right, with Stephen) who'll be DJing a very special...get ready for it...LED ZEPPLIN GOOD TIMES in the beginning of November. It's been a long time since we rock 'n' rolled.

Outtakes from James' stint as Courtney, which was utterly amazing and he won a bottle of champagne for, mostly because the bloody Courtney had disappeared by that point.

Courtney with extremely dark roots.

Will Matt (center) be back to defend his reigning title in this year's Miss Pumpkin Pageant? No one knows because pageant organizer Mona Mour has disappeared from our lives. Come back to us Mona!

Impersonating a strung-out Live Through This Courtney, sans the Courtney outfit of course.

She (literally) walks on me, outside and next door to Eastern Bloc.

Kevin (left) and Willie, taking a break when I played the louder Pretty on the Inside era stuff like Retard Girl.

And speaking of retard girls, look how svelte Paul M. (right) is looking these days! Hubba hubba.

Outside the club, praying to the Northern Star.

Scot and Maverick, sharing a Schwarzenegger-Devito Twins moment.

Nancy Spungen Courtney (right) even though Courtney really mopped Nancy's look to begin with.

She was asking for it but did she ask you twice?

There's Celebrity Skin and then there's Kevin Clamato's skin (left), both of which are amazing wonders in their own right.

Between the open vodka bar and the Hole rock 'n' roll party, everyone was feeling a bit Violet by the end of the night.

We are very very sad that Darren boyfriend Dirk (left) won't be joining us next week when Berlin drag and DJ sensation Gloria Viagra will be guest DJing for our Good Times Oktoberfest. OPEN BEER BAR 11 - 12 and all the Nena you could ever ask for.

Adam (right) and friend had a gray-t night and didn't wanna leave the bar, kind of like the hoards of people standing behind them at 330am.

Gary (right), taking his friend to heaven tonight.

Lina, doing her best Janis Joplin impression. Who's better than her?!

Darren as a post-boob job Courtney.

Night of 1000 Ronald McDonalds or Talking Heads. I can't decide.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES! You will always be the girl with the most cake, even when sandwiched and molested by two sleeping drunks. I'm sure he hit you and it felt like a kiss.

If you lived through this with me I sweat that I will die for you at next week's Oktoberfest. See you!


BONUS: In preparation for the next Night of 1000 Courtneys (you know its inevitable), get the ultra-rare Pagan Babies demo tape which Courtney recorded with Babes In Toyland's Kat Bjelland HERE.


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