Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We transformed Eastern Bloc into a garage of paradise at last Wednesday's Good Times party when we welcomed DJ Bus Station John, the man behind the San Francisco disco institution known as the Tubesteak Connection. He couldn't bring Aunt Charlie's performers Vicki or Gina with him but he did bring a sick mix of disco heaven.

The presence of my local DJ idols Nita (left) and Sammy Jo (center) always makes me concentrate a little harder and delay inebriation until after midnight.

Loving the Sally Jesse Rafael-inspired blue frames.

Cute Asian chick throwing cute Asian gang signs also known as peace signs.

Patches (right, with Jamie and friend) always seems able to strike up a conversation with strangers about his unusual nickname. Did you know he used to be called Sparkle?

Reminding us of the depressing reality that furry hood season aka winter is right around the corner.

BILLY BEYOND! Billy (left) is another DJ legend here in New York City who also runs a blog and informed me that he allegedly gets forty THOUSAND hits per day.

BAGGY TRACKSUIT REALNESS, courtesy of one of Casey's friend. Casey (right) went bananas when I played Roberta Kelly's Zodiacs.

Devin (center, with Conrad and Jay) was out of commission for a month or two with a gnarly stomach ulcer so please don't upset him, stress him or serve him anything too acidic when you see him next.

Adam (left) was one of many repping for the San Francisco transplants who used to live and die for Bus Station John's Tubesteak party every Thursday at Aunt Charlie's (which is ongoing, by the way).

Show us your IQ!

Surgically removing a stirrer from his friend's ear with his teeth. This should be showcased in a special Good Times event called America's Got Gay Talent.

The glamorous. The flossy, flossy.

Andre (right, with Adam) pretended to be a New York transplant in Frisco for a hot minute but came running back east where he belongs. I am praying Shaquanda rears her head at the Halloween party I'm doing at the hose with Will and Alon called invasion.

Richard (left, with friend), showcasing the predecessor to the Three Wolf Moon tshirt that is now an internet phenomenon.

Steven (in the blue) was absolutely devastated to learn that Vicki and Gina were not going to make it to the east coast edition of Tubesteak. He also informed me that Vicki or Gina does a must-see rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart that needs to make its way onto Youtube.

Founders of the gay Guardian Angels chapter.

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Taking a ride on his disco lick.

Andy (left) and a new furry friend he appears to have cuddled up to.

Ear candy.

Okay, it was more than cuddling. It was full on tonsil hockey to the tune of Diana Ross' No One Gets the (tonsil hockey) Prize.

Yet another entrant into America's Got Gay Talent. This one is called waterboarding and teabagging.

The man of the hour Bus Station John! (left), with yours truly and Nita, who seems to have a cock in her mouth.

The weekly sea of men reached high tide during Bus Station John's awesomely funky set.

Yikes! Stripes! Fruit-striped gum!

Duane, Tai and Chris (from left), planning the quickest escape route from Kelvin's camera.


America's Got Gay Talent: the dance off.

Gays gone wild. And if you really wanna what I mean by gays gone wild, come to next week's Good Times when we do Battle of the Minogues: Kyle vs. Dannii.

Happy happy joy joy.

FULL-LENGTH SWEATER DRESS REALNESS ON A HOMEBOY! These are the things that dreams are made of.

British singing and acting sensation Bradley (right), with a bloke who is interested in anything but posing for a picture.

It's official - Telfar (second from right) is guest DJing with me in late November for a Ciara party and other ladies of southern hip hop. I will be rocking cornrows by then. Trust.

Me and the disco daddy, beholding the magic of the mirror ball before us. Photo direction credit: Kelvin.

Gabriel (left) and Marc, sharing a late night Gwen Mccrae moment.

Dude on the right is reminding me that we're doing a pre-Hallowen goth and glam party in two weeks with Michael T. (think Bowie) and costumes are encouraged. We might even have a prize (aka a Snuggie!) for the best goth/glam outfit.

Lipps Inc.

Huge thank you to Bus Station John for debuting his disco magic with us at Good Times at Eastern Bloc. Please come back again. And bring Gina and Vicki!

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