Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I feared the brilliance of my New Edition and spawn of New Edition party (Bobby Brown et al) would be lost on everyone when I arrived at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday and the lovely bartenders had never heard of Mr. Telephone Man or Candy Girl. Luckily, the crowd proved me wrong.

Charles, Ned and Mikey (from left) always seem to have their own little club going on near coat check when not hanging near the DJ booth. Love how they're all giving Tyra looks to the cam.

Happy chappies, laughing through the memories of Another Bad Creation, those eight year olds who sang Iesha and palled around with around with Bel Biv Devoe (who were all in New Edition). Go RoRo! Go RoRo!

Gabriel, shaking his tail feather to Bobby Brown's Every Little Step.

Jonathan (right, with friend) brought a little bit of that Australian heat to the northern hemisphere while waiting to hear me play the Summer Heights High dance remix of Mr. G's Naughty Girl.

Making sure to get pants AND boots into the shot.

I love me some Billy (left), who doesn't come out to Good Times nearly enough. Every time I see him, I secretly starting singing Phil Collins (!) and think, "BILL-AY! BILL-AY DONT 'CHA LOSE MY NUM-BAH!"

And now for the talent portion of our evening, as she combs his hair with her hands while massaging his crotch with her foot.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN (right)! I owe you like, nine free drinks and one cut-the-line-for-the-bathroom pass. (If only such things existed.)

I had no idea that the lingerie portion was going to follow the talent segment. Sorry about that kids.

Casey, Mikey, Ray and crew, giving major 45 degrees tiltedness all in unison. Cool it now, boys. Oooooh, watch out!

Tony (center) and friends, mistaking New Edition night for man in black Johnny Cash night.

Get ready for Kevin's summer wardrobe to get a whole lot sassier now that he's working at a Lower East Side vintage clothing shop. And if you have a full-time graphic design job for Gary (right), he would greatly appreciate it.

Me and my pretty pets named Christopher (center) and AJ (right).

Still loving the porn 'stache folks. And apparently Frank is loving it too.

Shiney happy people holding hands.

My favoritest nighttime fixtures Paul (left) and Steve, demonstrating that A Little Bit of Love Is All It Takes (most underrated New Edition song *and video* ever).

Steven can wear a ski cap every week if he chooses to. HIS PREROGATIVE.

Gant (left, in full unibomber regalia), spooking Timmy's back o' the bar Riskay-themed lap dance. P.S. - Gant and I are throwing an ALL DISCO post-Valentine's party this Sunday at Eastern Bloc. And Linda Simpson is hosting! And Gabe is serving Mint Juleps so you know its gonna be good, plus its a three-day weekend so no work on Monday.

Robbie (left) told me that if I did in fact play Bobby Brown's On Our Own (Theme From Ghostbusters 2), he would go to the corner and cry because he loves it so much. Vogue it out Robbie!

In case you didn't notice, CASEY'S BAAAACK! (bottom.) And Mikey is looking rico suave behind him, though I think he just can't afford to get a hair cut right now. Wah wahhhh.

Robbie to friend: Don't be cruel. Uh, no, uh no,

Why are all these boys so captivated? Could they be entranced by the news that special guest DJ Michael T. and I will be doing a special Blondie tribute at the next Good Times in honor of Valentine's Day?

Luke (left) and Matt, who I believe told me he was going to bring a cake to one of my parties. Please make it chocolate Matt. Anything sweet and salty will do.


Mexico's answer to New Edition.

(Lady) bunny ears!

Gays love Bobby Brown ballads a la Roni. If you don't believe me, watch THIS.

Do me baby.

Twin Cheeks is over people, but its memory will live in butt crack pics for years to come.

Jenna, fallen and she can't get up.

Are you more entranced by our fake kiss or Mikey's transparent tee?

Oooooh. Nightlife promoter Chris Ryan (left, with Akash) made a rare East Village cameo after one of his weeklies up in Hells Kitchen or at Rush, which I haven't been to since I was 19.

Late night danceathon to something like Cool It Now (again) or Candy Girl, which always makes me wanna play Cameo's Candy and sing, STRAWWW-BERRY, RAZZZ-BERRY, ALL THOSE GOOD FLAVORS.

Not to be outdone by late-night Luke, giving good pit. As in armpit.

These two barmaids and I will see you next week for our Blondie blowout (and our disco party on Sunday). It's gonna be atomic.

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