Friday, January 23, 2009


Three years ago, a little gay bar opened in the space once occupied by the legendary Wonderbar, another gay bar that had funky DJs (Sharee, Will, etc.) and an intimate backroom. Then Wonderbar closed and Duck Duck opened, soon to be replaced by Satellite Bar.

Thank god for Darren, Gabe and Antoine/Benjamin, who restored 505 e. 6th st. to its original gay glory hole-in-the-wallness and have given a home to Good Times, as well as Gant's Tricky Tuesdays party and that random, short-lived quiz night thing.

Join them this Saturday for their third anniversary, with free booze till 11 and Kelvin as his alter ego drag persona Myrna Boots! I'll be off the clock and knockin' em back.

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