Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Digging through the stacks of cds I had purchased years before mp3s were ever created, I rediscovered my love for the one and only Polly Jean Harvey, better known as PJ Harvey. Last Wednesday at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, I introduced those unfamiliar with Ms. Harvey's dirty pillows to her sounds and screams.

Aly (left) and his adorable french friend were reeling from the fact that our friend Ehab ran into Lebanese pop sensation Haifa at an Egyptian shopping mall. Jealous!!!! I so need to host a Haifa night.

Mikey (center, with David and friend) has been planning his Stephen Sprouse book party outfit all year. As in, since the beginning of 2009.

Cator (in the glasses, with Nik) just deposited his bag right next to the CD turntables and then pretty much cried to all his friends two hours later when he couldn't find it. But it did bring us closer.


I'm sure I had a conversation with Alan (left), but like many conversations with Alan, I can't really remember what we talked about or if we talked about anything at all.

Justin (left) and a Justin lookalike, coming up Mansize.

Chaz (right) and friend, as Chaz tries to adjust his burka to the sounds of Sheela Na (you ex-hib-itionist!)

GUESS WHO'S HAVING A GOOD TIMES BIRTHDAY PARTY NEXT WEDNESDAY! (Hint: his name is Kevin and he's standing on the left.)

TREND ALERT: 2009 will be the year of suspenders, as evidenced by Steven sinking his teeth into Gary's rather flexible pair as Richard and Anddy look on.

The one and only Luke Cazwell (his government name, right, with Danny and Garrett) finally dropped by on a night off from hosting duties only to be mortified when I dug up his electroclash hit Check Your Pulse. Electroclash is comin' back!

Some whores hustling with the (Eastern Bloc) hustlers whore.

When I sent out a text that said, "I'll make you lick my injuries," a few too many people took it seriously (like this dude). It's a line from the title track of Rid of Me people.

Robert (left) and Enrique were hands down the life of the party. Thank GOD Enrique is back on the nightlife scene where he belongs.

Me and David, inspired by Jimmy's brilliant booty selection of MC Shy-D, singing Shake It. Watch the video, which features background dancers J.J. Fad!

Scotty and Jacob, getting down by the water and by water I mean extremely strong vodka sodas (only $2 before 11pm!)

Matt (left) and John, reminscing about a rooftop in Brooklyn, 1 in the morning, you said something, that I've kind of forgotten (because I was drunk).

Winter tourist season is still in full effect, kids! Come pick up a delicious dish of South America each and every Wednesday. Or join me as I head to Buenos Aires in February when the temperature is a cool 90 degrees.

Jesse (left) and friends, inspired by Kamakaze to drink some kamakazes. Oh man. That would have been such a great tie in to have a kamakaze drink special. Oh well. Next PJ party.

Is that video correspondant Tim Murphy?!! You must must must check out his clips on the New York Magazine website. Here's a link to my favorite on Liza Minnelli stalkers.

Bye Jimmy! My Billy Joel-loving co-DJ is out of the country until March, which means more M.I.A., less Creedance Clearwater Revival now that I'll be DJing the entirety of Wednesdays till he returns.

Except for Wednesday, February 18, when the genius that is DJ Michael Magnan (above) and Telfar (not pictured) take over for an evening of Slurp vs. Good Times! So excited about this.

Winter hard-bodied realness. And I'm loving the belt too.

Kurt (left) and friends, one of which has that Ian Curtis of Joy Division look, though I've been thinking every tall and skinny white guy has that look ever since seeing the Control biopic.


Put on that dress, ladies. I'm going, out dancing.

Good Times mainstay Valdez, who used to request Break the Ice three times every Wednesday. Thank god that is over.

OH THE HUMANITY. Please please please do not lick the go-go pole if you value your health and tongue's safety.

Enrique majorly turned out the dancefloor throughout all of my Roisin Murphy and Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixes. We should be paying him to party with us.

Photographer Kelvin, striking his favorite "my bum is on the Swedish" poses, though this time, the Swedish happens to be Michael and a mesmerized Danny.

I loved these two, from their Japanese passports I spied with Scotty at the door to their dancefloor antics, they also turned the party out. Konichiwa bitches and thank you too!

Work it out Danny! See you at next week's Good Times for Kevin Fernandez's electroclash birthday bash. xo.

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