Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our dear friend, loyal patron and favorite jew-ban Kevin Fernandez turned 25 last week and celebrated to the sounds of an electroclash throwback night at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Sadly, you won't spot Kevin till the very last photo so wait for it!

Little known fact about Michael D. - he loves saki bombs...and most other 18-year-old teenage girl drinks.

Andy (right) and Mike, who has some delicious gossip to dish to me tonight if he is still able to speak audible english by the time I arrive to DJ at 10pm.

Purported "straight" dude and his main squeeze. He's actually in the army or attends military academy so don't ask, don't tell y'all till Obama repeals that nonsense.

The de-lovely, delectable deee-Lina (left), who turned me out at 1Oak on Sunday by getting this diva to the dancefloor in a mayjah way.

For many many months, I suspected Troy (right) existed only in cyber space, haunting facebook, DList and the like. He obviously proved me wrong and proved to be way handsome as well.

Ricky (left), grabbing on Luke's pelvis as Luke sings Oooh I Like It.

All is full of love for Enrique, left, and friend.

Ooooooooh! I pretend to make a big deal every time Kyra (left, with Jacob) shows up at Good Times since her big scene last summer but she kept it pretty mellow this week.

Enrique is not Verne Troyer size, though he looks it in this here picture. OPTICAL ILLUSION PEOPLE!

Feeling my electroclash Felix da Housecat realness - speed seduction in a magazine.

Chicks on speed.

Kevin (left) and Rob (right) were way concerned when my weekly email failed to send last week. Blame it on stupid spam prevention software my email server started using. Hate that.

Charles, Mikey and Ned (from left), wishfully thinking that this dead 70s porn star will rise from the grave and walk into Eastern Bloc if they perform enough gay voodoo.

Where's Waldo and Waldetta? Oh, here they are. Loving the matching stripes Scotty (left) and Tony.

Kevin Fernandez's besties all turned out, including Willie (left) and Yarng, who are two of the few people who haven't been requesting every Lady Gaga track ever recorded.

As Miss Kittin once sang, motherfuckers are so nice, suck my dick, kiss my ass...

In limousines we have sex!

Scarf season is in full effect! Some scarves are more weather-appropriate than others, if you know what I mean.


Spencer (left) and one of those chicks from the Hills. Or is it the City. They all look the same.

Twerk it out, Robert P.! (left)

It Kills! (not just W.I.T. song but also an anti-smoking message, brought to you by Larry Tee.)

Eagerly anticipating next week's birthday celebration, which will be in loving memory of the late, great Aaliyah. Rest in peace, baby gurl.

Mark (left) and James, who brings kabbalah necklace fashion to a whole new level.

I can't decide if I should be looking at them kissing or his New Mexican winter sweater attire. Both are kind of amazing.

Don't ask. And don't tell.

Do I look like a slut? Uh huh. Shut up.

Valdez (right) and friend, still loving the Cut Copy which is still in heavy rotation after all these months. In fact, I'm really getting back into the early stuff a la Saturdays.

In lieu of photographer Kelvin not taking any pictures of birthday boy Kevin (not pictured), I present to you more of Kevin's besties, including Mike (right) and James in the center who is almost walking like an egyptian at this point in the night.

NY Mag video correspondant Tim Murphy (right) and a hot hunk of bear meat, demonstrating what happens when bears and foxes collide.

Matt (right) baked the most divine triple chocolate cake with a salty carmel topping last week. Please bring future tastings to our Good Times party pretty please. xo, Josh

They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21, you're no fun.

Patches has been psyching me up for my trip to Argentina next month since he pretty much knows every gay that lives there. But helpful trip suggestions are always appreciated.

LOVE HER! And her leopard-spotted pants! And her pole-dancing gymnastics!

AB-TASTIC. Even if he is straight-but-not-narrow, he's welcome back at Eastern Bloc any old time. For reals.

Wait. When did this turn into a straight bar?

Not sure when and where she went for an outfit change but miss thing definitely needs to come back and party with us (to the soundtrack of Aaliyah) next week.

KEVIN! (bottom left.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY! YOU ARE THE BEST! See you next week.

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