Tuesday, January 06, 2009


What happens when New Years Eve and our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc collide? SUPER DUPER GOOPER GOOD TIMES! We rang in the New Year last Wednesday with free vodka shots and naked go-go dancers, turning Good Times into great times in wee hours of '09.

The ever-charming Carlos (right) and his gang of Spanish speakers greeted us at the outset of the evening. Apparently down in Mexico, they start drinking way early for New Years.

Mike (center) could barely put a sentence together when I saw him. KIDDING! But his English and Spanish starts to merge after a few drinks and apparently he begins to look really short.

Loving the festive New Years headbands boys.

Oh snap! You got bunny earred on the last evening of '08! You know what that means, don't you? A very hare-y '09.

More headbands and a gimp. Note to readers: this was not a costume party.

Mark (right) and Jason weren't sure they'd last until 4am, when we all headed over to Daniel Nardicio's Woodshop loft party, though Mark returned to Good Times at 330am ready to get shirtless and dance till the came up.

There is so much gorgeousness in this picture I don't even know where to begin, though the handsome dude on the left would make sense, followed by the illustrious Stephanie Stone (second from left) and go-go gay David.

Ted (right) and friends, practicing self-defense for unwelcome approaches in the New Year. Or is that out-of-studio gyrotonics that they're doing?


Gays getting down to ma-ma-ma poker face ma-ma po-ker face (ma-ma-ma-ma).

Rave until dawn! Or until the clock strikes 12 and we can all down our free Svedka shot, courtesy of co-DJ Jimmy and his Svedka connection.

So I started the countdown to midnight at 40 seconds, which made for 30 seconds of awkwardness with me being like, "31...30...29...." until everyone joined in and we cheered HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Vodka shots are the new champagne toast. Don't questions it. Just drink it.

At 12, I played Peaches' Fuck the Pain Away, because everyone needs someone to be suckin' on their titties like you wanted me in the new year.

12 o'clock kissing, now in extreme close-up.

More midnight kissing, from ex-gogo boy Kyle (right) and in-house DJ and master of ceremonies Jimmy.

Dude on the left is so about to rip off Miss Thing's pink New Year's tiara and proclaim himself mother New Year.

I know you are wondering where all our regulars are but for now, enjoy the scenery of all the tourists and 9 to 5ers who came out and partied with us cuz they didn't have work the next day.

I know exactly where this is headed but didn't want to post the follow-up photos because I'm discreet like that.

Someone was having a very Clockwork Orange New Years on the left.

Loving v-neck grey sweater guy in all his tongue-to-the-camera glory.

Careful or you'll lose a finger (or five) up there.

There's the crowd! I knew they were hiding away or something at Benji's or Nick W.'s house parties. Welcome to 2009 boys!

Erotic City.

Some of us drank a little too much too quickly but hey, that's what New Year's Eve is for.

Gender bending is so the new black this year.

Eric (right) and friends returned to the bar for one more drink even though by the looks of this picture, it wasn't really necessary.

Thank you Darren (left) and Gabe, for making 2008 such a fantastic year and keeping the East Village alive with your good looks and strong drinks.

Damian (left) and Anthony were more than ready to take the Playgirl bus over to the Woodshop loft party for some after hours action, which lasted till about 730am.

Former Wonderbar owner Jack (second from left) and friends really appreciated all the time and effort that went into our special New Year's Eve kitty and rainbow decorations.


Christian, practicing his pole positions for the after party.

Dearest Andrew, We love you so much. We hope you and the rest of our patrons find happiness in all aspects of the New Year. xo

Did we mention that New Years Eve was like, the coldest night of the year? Well it was, but that doesn't really mean much in the city that never sleeps (until 730am).

Damian's adorable french roommate, who also tagged along to the Woodshop after party. Now put that tongue away and join us next week for a good ol' PJ Harvey par-tay. See you there! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Love the pics! BTW i got into some trouble thanks to your blog ;) lol.