Thursday, June 26, 2008


"I've always thought of Exile in Guyville as a real New York album," Liz Phair told the audience last night at Hiro Ballroom while performing her aforementioned debut album from start to finish 15 years after its release. I had high hopes for this show. Guyville was my bible. I drove around listening to it night and day, thinking Liz would have been the coolest friend to sit around with and think up zany songs to play on our guitars and gossip and then channel that gossip into songs, which is mostly what Liz Phair used to do.

Last night, Liz seemed pretty disconnected from the gossip girl she used to be. She didn't lack energy from an overly rambunctious crowd but seemed to falter through an album she had no interest in resurrecting except for maybe the money she'll be making off of rereleasing it this week. Highlights included Dance of the Seven Vails and an encore of Chopsticks, though for the first half hour, her voice quivered here and there as she went through the motions to give the audience what they wanted, which should be no surprise to any Liz Phair fan such as myself. She summed up her aspirations long long ago, singing it's nice to be like but it's better by far to get paid.

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