Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Freestyle night! If you didn't come down and party at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc last Wednesdays, you missed my Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Debbie Deb and TKA set. I even threw in a little Judy Torres, Lil Suzy and Shannon to appease the masses. GIVE ME TONIGHT!

Did you know there's a heatwave going on in New York City right now? Friends who wipe sweat off their friends are the best friends to have.

Pailo, Christian, Ashton and mustached friend (from left) are not native New Yorkers and therefore did not know all the lyrics to Expose's Come Go With Me, which has pretty much been played on KTU radio once an hour since it came out in 1986.

Buddy (left, with Devin and Evans) DJs at that new-ish bar/restaurant on eighth ave. called Ate Ave, the worst name for a venue since Kabin, where I still DJ on Saturdays.

Bartender Darren is always keeping us on our toes - will he have a beard or won't he have a beard. Find out this Wednesday!

Thank you New York City, for distributing free NYC condoms at bars so we can blow them up and rub them on our girlfriends' hair to make it frizzalicious.

Jay, AJ, Mikey and Mikey's ho from Hiro (from left) are mostly native New Yorkers and went bananas when I played Pajama Party's Yo No Se. WHEN YOU DANCE WITH ME...!

DJ Drew G (left) is another 20something gay DJ from Long Island just like yours truly. He also works for snowqueen vodka, which we're hoping to do a promo with at Twin Cheeks @ The Cock on Mondays! Stay tuned.

Mr. Ocean (center) is oh so humble. Instead of saying he had to go up to Harvard for a class reunion, he told me he was off to "cambridge" for a reunion. Maybe he attended Cambridge College after all.

Jeff, rocking the lumberthug gone goth freshness!

I have yet to formally meet this handsome ginger-bearded boy but when I do, I hope he has a deep voice with a slight southern twang and offers to cook me cheese grits.

Between the blur/double vision and glasses, I was going to make a four-eyed joke about Darren (right) but now I just feel like its official - I need a new camera.

Weren't Luke's tshirts (on the left) way way deeper last summer? Or maybe he just grew taller.

Photographer Kelvin was taking lots of flak for all his boob- and cock-grabbing photos so he's returned to the traditional smile and say proteeeeeein powder.

After two hours of freestyle (and two hours of the crowd loving freestyle), I decided it was time to take a break and celebrate the early 90s with Seduction's Heartbeat.

Impossible to have too many pictures of AJ (left) so here's another.

Reminiscent of that Afroman "Because I Got High" song, which was also a number one hit in the New York area. Thank you Z100.

She is wearing too many clothes for a hot night in June. On the flip side, she'd probably win at an after party game of strip poker.

Scott (right) made the trek from Chelsea to see what all the Good Times hubbub is all about. You didn't hear? We got nominated for Best Gay Lounge night in HX awards. You MUST MUST MUST click HERE and vote for us. Now!

Steve (right) swore that he was forced into doing this and that the dude caressing him had never been to a gay bar before in his life. Ummm, sure Steve. The DL is soooo 2006.

I can't really make out who's making out in this make out shot but it looks very Bel Ami.

Jonathan (right) and Robbie had gone to see the Presets earlier in the evening but came out to our after party soley because they needed to hear Noel's Silent Morning, which I played like, three times.

Scott Evans (right), now the sexiest man on fifth street.

Sean (left) and his rarely seen hunky lawyer boyfriend or something in the pink. Sean and I are thinking of hosting a Fourth of July party, though my real Fourth of July fantasy is to have Sandy Kane come and perform at Good Times or Twin Cheeks. We shall see.

Next Wednesday, June 11, is my last Good Times before jetting off to Berlin for a week with these two lezzies so you better come and say goodbye. Let the music play!


Flygal said...

hmmmmmmmm has scott evans take out his prop hand cuffs yet????

Christy said...

Haha I'd pay to see that pic ;)