Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Wednesday was a very sad Good Times for all involved. Sad because many members of the Good Times family said farewell for summer or longer, while many other partied too hard over Memorial Day weekend and couldn't function for the rest of the week.

Rain or shine, Jimmy's boys Sam (left) and Josh always come out to show their support. Lucky for them, that support is often rewarded with drink tickets.

Well on his way to a beach body by August or September for sure.

Bye Miko (on the right)! We will miss you and your large head and your Finnish smile. We hope you have a safe return to Finland and serve (and service) the Finnish Navy well.

Yes, his tongue is actually touching the touch-screen. And he's humping it. And some black chick is grabbing his ass. Picture of the week, hands down.

Now that's a beach body. Where hasn't that guy on the right's tongue been?

Bye Ryan (left)! Have fun in Madrid seeing Kylie Minogue and eating meaty chorizo in all senses of the word.

Gary, bringing Electric Youth realness! Yum it up!

Yes please. More of this next week, we promise.

Armando was obviously the saving grace of the party. Actually, Armando is the saving grace of every party he comes to. WE LOVE ARMANDO dot com.

Does Ryan look confused? Maybe its because he's headed off to Spain for the summer and doesn't speak a word of Spanish. Or maybe its because his drink is glowing. ESCALANDO!

Kelvin and Alan, angry that they haven't seen you at Good Times in a while.

Mouth to mouth resuscitation works wonders. These two can attest.

Let's face it - Tino is never heading back to Spain. He's even taken to wearing Pablo's cut-out clothing, which looked mighty fine on him I must say.

Hola chicos. I want to say these two are on holiday from Spain as well (just like Tino) but I didn't actually say anything to them. It was more of a click and run.

Roger, covering up the pasties he was wearing beneath his post-Memorial Day white zip-up. In addition to bringing sexy back, he's also bringing braces back. Look out!

We had a good crowd even for the week after Memorial Day. There was just lots of sadness in the air since Kevin is leaving indefinitely and Kelvin didn't even take many pictures of Kevin.

On a happier note, AJ bared his chest in an early attempt at seducing me. It's working.

Blatantly ignoring the ONE AT A TIME bathroom rule.

Oh Kevin (right, with Mike). How we miss you already.

West coast compadres always come back east at some point, such as our old friend Matt here, who dropped in unexpectedly and urged us to pay him a visit in LA. Or Hell A., as I like to say.

Darren came to say goodbye to Ryan but Ryan had already left. Ouch!

Oh, and I totally dressed Sporty Spice meets Chelsea with an East Village beard, which David was majorly feeling.

Bring on the summer. And bring on more parties...WITH ARMANDO!

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