Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Every year since for the past five years, I've had a rather large birthday celebration. Since I was London for this year's festivities, I decided to hold a belated barbecue get together in my lush backyard.

Isn't it to die for? And it's located in Manhattan people. Brooklyn, suck on THIS.

Josh Applebottom, as he's come to be known, rocking the wifebeater-with-beer look.

Everyone's favorite go-go boy Joey, who also got all raunchy on the bar the following night at Twin Cheeks @ The Cock, Mondays!

Randy and Ryan, who forgot to bring his famous boyfriend from 30 Rock. Oops.

Nice shades Cameron. Very Mannequin, the movie.

Grillmaster Matt bought out the Western Beef grocery store so he could barbecue up a storm.

He asked Dave to bring cheese over for the burgers and Dave walked in with blue cheese. Who does that?

Darren in that sweet-ass cartoon tank top that he loves to wear in the summer time.

Matt's crew of ladies who lunch, waiting for the sausages to arrive on their plates.

Jaime dropped by for a hot second to snag a burger and announce that our barbecue was really just Good Times Goes Outdoors. So true.

Cat (left) and Jimmy (right) sandwiched the real ladies who lunch, including Jee (center) who totally brings the party wherever she goes. EAT YOUR HEART OUT BABY C!

Mark and his bitches, keeping a close eye on the reduced-fat Smartfood and hint of lime Tostitos.

Christian and Quinn are fixtures at all my Sparbecues. In the same vein, their good friend Patches always misses our parties because he has to edit the Today Show on a Sunday afternoon. What's that about?

If one more person tells me I'm bringing back 70s porn star realness, I swear.

Yes, the party was Tallified, and yes, I bought denim booty shorts just for the occasion.

My former magazine coworkers chilled at the table on the other side of the yard and probably gossiped about editorial stuff.

Mikey and the ladies of Hiro. Happy graduation Mikey! Europe can't wait for you to cum and conquer.

Michael (middle), with Kevin and Kyra, who kept telling all my guests she wanted to sleep with me throughout the barbecue.

Jacob (right) brought along two afternoon delights: Scotty, to his left...

...and Milo, his cute little chiuaua that he had dressed up in a starry tshirt.

Michael isn't working down on Wall Street anymore so he has all the time in the world to party and bullshit at all my weekly and weekend parties.

My black-eyed neighbor joined in the festivities. Everyone was like, how'd he get a black eye?!! but no one had the nerve to ask.

Ashton (left, with Christian and Anthony), who got the party started when he broke out...POPPERS!

The ever-elusive Malchiore, finally caught on film.

The barbecue was quite peaceful until about 11pm, when a neighbor from the backyard behind ours started throwing eggs. I was like, she does this at every get together. Don't worry.

Jimmy brought the gun show that is also known as Eastern Bloc co-owner and bartender Antoine, who sometimes goes by the name Ben.

Kelvin crept out of his daytime hiding place to make it to the party by nightfall.

Matt invited a particularly handsome Phoenix patron named Andrew to the festivities so he could taste some of Matt's wieners.

Just like Corey Hart, Dudley like to wear his sunglasses at night.

Joe Ross was a bit tardy but made up for it by bringing two packages of chicken wings! Peter was feelin' it.

Inebriated on a Sunday evening.

Another vendor at the backyard gun show.

JR (left, with Michael) was hit with an egg but continued to party hearty and migrate with us to Heathers Bar afterwards.

Ethan and Chaz - are they on again? Off again? Is Chaz still moving to Denmark for the summer? Toronto? It's so hard to keep track of these two.

Family portrait.


Pailo (left) was a late-comer as well but that didn't stop him from continuing on to Phoenix and Hiro with us late into the Sunday night.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party. And if you didn't, then you're probably not on facebook because that's how I sent out the invites. On Thursday. Better late than never.

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