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Even though I attended Halloween parties on 10/27, 10/28 and 11/3 (who throws a costume after the fact?), our Good Times Halloween Suicide Club at Eastern Bloc (ON Halloween, mind you) was above and beyond all the others.

Andre co-hosted with me for a hot second dressed as a, ummmm, sunburnt Christian Aquilera?

There were like, 2 million Britney Spears' and Amy Winehouses everywhere, though I liked this dude for being mid-head shaving Britney. Very time frame specific.

What's scarier than a clown? Maybe a mime, but Michael kind of looks like a clown that dabbles in miming when he needs an extra buck.

Never one to miss a shirtless opportunity, Eric's Teen Wolf costume brought all the boys to the yard, Kelis style.

I'm guessing she's the drunken mess known as Courtney Love. It's always convenient when your costume involves alcohol.


The theme of the party was swimwear sexy or suicide chic. So bartender Matt was like, "I'm Aquaman! Swimwear sexy!" And what's sexier than a lycra bulge?

Lamest costume of the night: "I'm a republican." I mean, why not just dress up as a douche?


Part of me wants to say this guy is supposed to be trailer trash, but the other part of me wants to say he's just a failed Amy Winehouse.

Who needs Robin as a sidekick when you can bring along your hot gay friend instead?

Can you guess who yours truly (left) was dressed as? I'll give you a hint: he won the gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and had blood pouring out the back of his head during competition. And he wore a speedo.

Though this one didn't enter the pole dancing costume contest, I'm sure s/he couldn have won for his amazing Little Edie get-up a la Grey Gardens.

Big Scot had a fake phallus going on as his Halloween "costume" and made all attendees suck it before entering and exiting the premises.

It's not Halloween without a twinkie Peter Pan.

I'm gonna guess we have an Indian (totally offensive), a French man (but is he uncut?) and a contra. Or maybe he's just a really butch Patty Hearst.

My ex-roommate showed up as a love bug! And she just got married this month. Too bad that's not here husband she's partying with. SNAP!

Hmmmm. I'm kind of at a loss with this one. A raver? Or a robot? Or a raving robot?!!

No idea whatsoever but I'm guessing it was really warm under that mask, since I was wearing a bathing suit and I was still sweating balls (literally).

This ginormous mask probably does not work so well in really crowded party spaces such as Halloween at Eastern Bloc. Just a hunch.

Fabrice (left) dressed as a satanic priest. Get it? Judas Priest t-shirt, rosary beads? Well, never mind. Here he is helping Britney reenact her moment of baldness glory. How amazing would it be if he changed into umbrella-swinging psycho Britney later on?

Brokeback chic will never go out of style for the gays. Never.

I am such a sucked for sailor, army and navy uniforms. Especially when they involve jockstraps.


I am not sure if this is a boy or a girl but I am frightened all the same.

Even though Adam might have worn this costume last year, he did a mighty fine job at reminding us that Jesus was a jew.

Oh, did I mention that the party was packed from like, 1030pm on?

BUNNIES! I don't completely know why they had rubber nipples and bibs and stuff, but they looked pretty rad.

Thank you David (right) for doing the whole drowned swimmer thing. To show you my gratitude, I will not post all the pictures of you making out with Dr. Love while straddling the stripper pole.

Chester and Lester, the creepy child molesters. I'm feeling the handlebar mustaches. No, really.

Eric says his Hare Krishna costume was inspired by his Hare Krishna-colored bed sheet, which he simply dramed around his neck and voila!

Matt the Baker (right, as "football coach") told me that Eva, who was dressed as his drag persona Mona but evoked more of a teen queen Chloe Sevigny, had on this huge wig that smelled WRETCHED!

Around 1230pm, four contestants competed in the pole dancing costume contest. The only surprise about Eric's performance is that his shirt hadn't come off sooner.

VMA Britney Spears, aka Josh, wowed the crowd with his brilliant rendition of Gimme More.

Ludo did the Killer Clown from Outer Space thing again, though this time, he proved himself worthy by shaking his French derriere on the pole.

And finally, naughty schoolboy Michael got Dirrrrty a la Christina Aguilera but hopped off the pole halfway through the song, probably to down another drink... which point Matt and his tranny alter ego jumped up and dazzled in his glimmering gold leggings.

And the winner is...BRITNEY! Give us more Britney! (an encore performance ensued.)

Marc, who made the most awesome flier for our party, won creepiest costume for his Amy Winehouse get-up at an earlier soiree. Isn't the resemblance uncanny?!!

As Valerie Cherish would say, I DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT! Scary and amazing.

Richie seduced as some lingerie-clad She Devil and it totally worked.

You know this guy was sooooooo stoked to wear this out because previously, he's only been able to play Star Trek dress up at home. His Vulcan gang signs say it all.

This crew didn't even set foot inside Eastern Bloc (they're headed to a bar nearby) but they get a shout out anyway because they coordinated like, eight different Batman costumes and they all look flawless.

"Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god, shoes." I'm not sure if a Kelly costume is tragic or incredible but I'm leaning toward incredible.

I'm sure the photographer was like, make a scary face, which just sort of looks dumb if you're not wearing a scary costume.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what kind of costume necessitates black and silver body paint? Keith Haring?

Ashton (left) also helped throw the Suicide Club fiesta and came dressed in a vintage, one-piece men's bathing outfit which easily could have been cutest costume of the evening. Thank you times 1000 to Cameron (right, as pirate) for taking lots of these snapshots.

View of the crowd from the DJ booth. Look at little Ryan, left, dressed as Robin!

James as a hot mess of drag queen (left), Celeste as Jim Jones, the suicidal cult leader, and James Ryan as a homemade robot. A+ for effort, you three!

Bleeding eyes are always horrifying. Always.

Chrisitan in drag. Doesn't he kind of make a hot lady?

Gregor as a horny little devil.

Jason came dressed as a lumberjack but then ripped off the beard and, surprise, it was another one of his cute, every day outfits.

I had nightmares about this Joker.

Kevin as a bunch of purple grapes, which is also up there for costume of the evening, though I didn't really see much of Kevin, since I'm guessing this is one of those hard-to-maneuver-through-the-club type costumes.

Toy soldier Kevin being bossed around by big daddy Scot and his fake cock. Or is it the real thing?

No idea what this one is dressed as, but I'm guessing a busted up figure skater or something. Brian Boitano?

Darren is back from Berlin people and looking sexier than ever, especially when heading up the Eastern Bloc swim team.

The sailors always get all the action on Halloween. Guess I know what I'm gonna be next year.

Did you guess my costume yet?

GREG LOU-GAYNESS! Get it? With blood pouring out of my skull after cracking my head on the diving board!


But the night wouldn't have been complete if Jem hadn't showed up. After all, it really was truly truly truly outrageous.


Thanks again to everyone who came out. Your normally scheduled Good Times party resumes on Wednesday, where we'll be playing nearly every track off of the new Britney album. Tricks AND treats year round, y'all.

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!!!!!=my response to all the pictures but especially that when I clicked on "Kelly" I saw "Let me borrow that top" is now a video which I never knew. so excited for when work's done so I can watch it.