Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Thanksgiving Eve is one of those nights that everyone in the city goes out because they don't have work the next day. Good Times at Eastern Bloc was no exception.

When Good Times gets started at 10pm, you usually have your happy hour holdovers and maybe a birthday party or something, which is probably where these straight-looking folks came along.

"Put your hands up for New York! Our lovely city!" Just kidding. I didn't even play that song. These are just Sure women. As in the deodorant Sure.

Reasons #37 and #38 to come to Eastern Bloc: We promise you glasses instead of plastic cups and french kisses (if you stay late enough).

It's funny cuz later on when the place was packed to capacity, my friend was like, "I brought my lady friend and we can't even find any ladies!" If only they had arrived earlier.

Michael (right) is a friend who was out celebrating with these revelers for the dude on the left's birthday. Birthday boy was like, "PLAY BRITNEY'S RADAR SONG. It's my birthday and what I say goes!"

EXTREME CLOSE-UP! Wayne's World style.

...and then the bar magically transformed into Scores.

Christian (right) and friend talked turkey. Get it? Buh dum bum.

Is something burning over in this part of the bar? Because I definitely smell firecrotch.

Valdez (right), with his ex-boyfriend I believe, who looks like he may or may not have been a member of Take That, the British boy band.

So that masses rolled in around 11pm or so and were intent on drinking until Turkey time the next day.

Did you know that I traveled to the Philippines two years ago? Hence my big Filipino following.

Brian (right) is from the same town as me. I met him through Patches (left), who is taking a break from being photographed, though I think he looks quite stunning from this angle.

Forest is newly single and ready to mingle! He is also an ex-frat boy from the midwest who likes to work out and design magazines. And his name is Forest!

This one asked me if the line outside the DJ booth was for people waiting to talk to me. I'm pretty he was referring to the bathroom line though.

Lorenzo made a rare Eastern Bloc appearance on his 41st birthday, though he barely looks 30. Happy Birthday Lorenzo!

I bet this is from when I started playing La Bouche's Sweet Dreams. People go bonkers for that track.

Jason (left) is moving to LA on the 29th, which means that this coming Wednesday is your last chance to see him! Hopefully, the handsomeness that is Ross (right) will still drop by.

Can you tell that I took these pictures with a new camera? What do you think? Should I keep it or return it in the next seven days?

There is something very wax museum about this two.

Scott (right) and his Dutch boy have been honeymooning it up all over the East Village.

Well hello! The dude on the left is like, why are you taking my picture and Charlie (right) is like, how can I get more free drinks tonight?

JR (right, with Ritter and Charlie), making his best constipation face.

Our genius graphic designer Marc (right), is responsible for all of the Good Times fliers you've seen so far. Thank you Marc. You are the best.

Wrestling at Good Times, and DJ Jimmy missed it! Don't worry folks. Jimmy will be back in December.

I love this pic. She is all kissy faced for the camera and he is like, can you please play something a little more emo?

Frank (right) had a bow-tied friend visiting from Boston who was really feeling the party. I'm really feeling his bow tie, which is going to be the white belt of '08. Mark my words.

I'm guessing the dude on the right won Eva's Pumpkin Pageant that went down in Brooklyn a week or two ago. Or maybe he wears a sash every night that says Pumpkin Princess.

Jason (left), shedding tears that this is his second to last Good Times party. Until he realizes that he hates LA and moves back to NYC. P.S. - What's going on on that bench to the right?

After storming off because I wouldn't play Britney's Radar twice, Valdez (left) returned and got naked in the DJ booth while me and Ann Talley (right) watched speechlessly.

I really need to learn how to set my Lumix camera so the foreground AND background are illuminated. Sorry!

Davyde (left) is Canadian so I'm sure this whole Thanksgiving thing is a bit nonsensical to him. Chaz (right) was too stoned to even realize Thanksgiving was upon us.

David Davis, in the middle of a threesome. How surprising.

Look! Kelvin (right) and I both wore Gucci shirts by coincidence. What are the odds?


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5th = HANNUKAH PARTY AT EASTERN BLOC!!! Come get your gelt on. Flier to follow

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