Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, unless you were one of the unlucky delinquents who attended the Ozzy Osbourne/ Rob Zombie pre-party in Fargo, North Dakota. Sucks to be them:

Roughly forty
Ozzy Osbourne fans invited to a pre-party before the Ozzy/Rob Zombie concert in Fargo, North Dakota, were greeted with an unexpected surprise: Handcuffs! Invitations were sent out to people who ignored court summons, didn’t pay child support, failed to pay fines, etc. Approximately forty fans responded to the invite and attended the bash, which was held at the concert venue by PDL Productions. Little did they know, PDL stood for “Paul D. Laney,” a county sheriff, and that all those meaty guys wearing PDL T-shirts were actually deputy sheriffs, probation officers and local DEA members.


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