Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The lovely ladies of Avenue D, Daphne (left) and Debbie, have finally called it quits. These two got their start at Larry Tee's Berliniamsburg parties with their hit song, Do I Look Like a Slut. They went to school with one of my ex's in Miami and Debbie once told me that they their music was kind of a joke before they went on to sell 50,000 records. She also told me that if I ever mentioned she was once a goth, she'd totally beat me up. I love you Debbie!

Daphne is now married and both can be seen frequently attending good dance parties around New York City. Sadly, they both moved off of Avenue D and out of the East Village long long ago. They're playing a farewell show in Brooklyn on December 1st, and might or might not drop their very first single, which was produced by a ghettotech DJ I once loved named DJ Salinger. PUMP, ME FULL OF, CUM! PUMP ME FULL OF CUM!

Avenue D - Hey Boy

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