Thursday, October 25, 2007


My camera is kaput! After five glorious years, my four megapixel Canon Powershot has passed on to that electronic junkyard in the sky. Or Staten Island or wherever. Thank the gods that my savior and hero, Chaz, had his fancy Lumix on hand to capture the celebration of David Davis' day of birth.

Since Jimmy was in India this week (!), I didn't get to do much mingling with the Eastern Bloc patrons, though I would have liked to get my mingle on with the fellow in the middle.

I'm pretty sure that the guy on the left is the straight coworker of one of my friends. I mean, doesn't the bracelet give him away?

Yes, he's trying to grow a beard. Give it two more weeks to grow in and he'll be the toast of the East Village.

Bartender Sammy's Pac-Man joystick yet again the hit of the night.

Binh! This one works all the live long day, every day, so it's always a joy to see his face, especially next to a big cock.

I wonder if iPhones are as common place in other parts of the country as they are in gay New York City bars.

Ryan (right) is on his well on his way to becoming a super famous pop music producer with the likes of Xenomania. He will tell you time and time again that the new Sugababes/Girls Aloud/anything by Kylie Minogue single is about to "change the world."

Shockingly, I don't think I've ever posted a photo taken inside the Eastern Bloc bathrooms, usually because they're not very family oriented.

I see nipple!

Beau (left) and Yuki James are two of my favorites. Yuki gives good hugs too.

This picture reminds me of that Sesame Street song that went, "one of these things is doing his own thing."

My best Swedish friend Johan (center) and his two buddies Fatface (left) and Seb are in town this week for a wedding. They're all straight, though nobody seemed to notice since they're from Sweden and all.

A) That guy totally looks like he could be from Sweden as well, and B) the chick totally looks like Uffie. Pop the glock, y'all.

Matt (right) brought his college friends out, who happened to be visiting from LA. The guy in the middle was like, some LA friends of mine read your blog, which virtually makes me BICOSTAL!

David is the bestest. He is also looking for an apartment, so if you have any leads, send them my way or his.

Bartender Sammy chopped off all of his hair and I'm liking his look. He'll be in a speedo next week as a lifeguard for our Halloween fiesta and you should be too.

Talking while dancing. Or is he singing? P.S. - Gary (in the glasses) looks so pensive and proper.

Chaz (left) gets really winky when he's drunk. He also likes to stand in front of my cd's in the DJ booth, which makes it kind of hard to DJ sometimes.

Danny and his hot kicks. It's poppin.

This week, Yuki told me a anecdote about seducing unsuspecting straight men at his gym, which totally makes sense since Yuki is the hotness.

Kevin helped out with camera duties this week. At point, he was like, THEYRE ALL COMING OUT BLURRY! and I was like, no they're not and snapped this "test pic."

Joe (right) is glad to see my Canon go bye-bye, since he always ended up looking orange in the light of my flash.

Gay college frat dudes dot com?

I asked this one where he's been hiding since I've never seen him out on a Wednesday but I can't remember what he answered.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID DAVIS! (right) You don't look a day over 15. In other David Davis-related news, doesn't this porn star kind of look like David's doppelganger?

Ritter (center) sang show tunes on a cruise ship for nine months last year. That's why he tends to make theatrical gestures when posing.

Michael T. (left) and I go waaaaaaaaaay back to his DJ days at Global 33, a now-shuttered tapas restaurant and bar on 2nd avenue.

Now that we've finally captured his true colors, I'd like to you to know that Joe (right) is not black. He's Blatino, one of my favorite words of all time.

Lapo (right) has such beautiful bone structure. I promised I wouldn't post any photos of him, but I couldn't help but post HALF a photo of him.

Yup. It's that time of the night. Hope to see you next week for our big Halloween blowout. Come dressed in sexy swimwear or a scary suicide costume. It's free all night and we'll be having a costume contest and drink specials all night long.

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