Thursday, October 18, 2007


Back from my Caribbean vacay, I promised to play lots of SWV and Jade last night at Eastern Bloc since everyone has been asking to hear Weak, which is like, the slowest song ever written (after R. Kelly's Ignition).

A drunken Chaz (left) rolled through with his crew after attending a Radar Magazine party. Chris (right) is celebrating his birthday this week and just got laid off from his job. Anyone hiring?

Mustache Ride DJ Kevin (not pictured) took lots of the blog pics last night, including this one, when I was like, get those guys there! Hotness!

Frank (left) also got fired from his job this week for tossing a company-branded polo shirt into a company trash can. He's into graphic design. Ask me for his email.

Bartender Sammy subbed in for Darren, who is in Berlin until our big Halloween party two weeks from now. Sammy likes doing Candis Cayne impressions, pictured here.

Oh, and whenever Sammy bartends, he hooks up a joystick that has Pac Man built into it. Hours of fun, unless you're Chaz, who is passed out on the couch here.

Everyone kept asking me who this guy is and I was like, never seen him before in my life. Or have I?

Fashion tip: animal print scarves are the new Palestinian scarves.

Even though it was 75 degrees last night, people like to dress up in autumn clothing like the guy on the left and then sweat it out all evening.

This guy, Zach, actually had a shirt on under that vest but voluntarily stripped it off for the camera. I wasn't complaining.

In fact Zach looked so nice, I think I'll post him twice.

In the SWV vs. Jade showdown, most patrons agreed that SWV would kick Jade's ass in a heartbeat. In the end, I played more SWV anyway.

I only have one thing to say about this: FIRECROTCH!

Satya (left) told me he is falling in love with Dazzle Dancer Cameron (right). I told him they were perfect for each other because they are both performers. I think he was offended by that.

Josh (right) used to live on my block and go to my gym, but now he has joined the ranks of the handsome Brooklyn gays such as Chris (left).

"You did NOT just insult Hillary."

What better to do when you get fired than get really really drunk at Good Times?!

No Michael, I hate what YOU'RE wearing.

Photographic proof that Good Times is slowly turning into a twee lesbo get together.

Actually, I usually have horrible gaydar when it comes to ladies loving ladies, but something about her denim jacket and longing gaze gives her away.

I didn't introduce myself to so many strangers last night, so I can't tell you much about these cats except that Josh (center) is majorly rocking a leather Freddie Mercury cap.

Rachel (right) loves bringing her straight dates out to places I DJ and demanding that I play Ghost Town DJs' My Boo.

Ooooh. They both have on snazzy scarves!

Andrew was like, "I have total veto power over bad photos of me," so I'm hoping he doesn't object to this one.

"Let's text and see what's going on at Vlada."

Jason (left) was also quite drunk after the Radar party. Patrick (center) was quite happy about that.

This guy on the left is awesome. After the place emptied out, he was like, WHERE'D EVERYONE GO?! and then just went about drinking his drink till more people showed up.

I heart Joe Mejia. He also knows every single person who has ever worked at a magazine in New York City.

Ironic Brooklyn hipster or genuine Texan cattle herder?

These guys are probably looking at this week's HX, p. 40, where yours truly is the featured DJ of the week! Check it out or scan it and email it to me so I can post it.

DJ Jimmy spun a great set till it deteriorated into Blind Melon's No Rain and the Violent Femmes' Blister in the Sun. He's off to India this weekend so I'm flying solo for the next two weeks.

Me and Tommy (right), right as I began my Lil Kim and Foxy Brown mini set. FREE FOXY!

If it's 3am, you can be sure that someone is dancing on the pole at Eastern Bloc.

Former Wonderbar owner Jack toasted my party and posed for another pic, since last time I snapped him he was eating greasy pizza on the street.

You know what that orange shirt means? Halloween in two weeks at Eastern Bloc, bitches! We're thinking Swim Team theme. Or you can get creative and think up a water related death costume. Flier to follow. See you next week!


a fellow american said...

whatever, fool. you played jade!

joshcon80 said...

I'm pretty sure that the guy everybody was asking about took over my old lease in Williamsburg. His name is Christopher.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh, this Valdez! Lovely pictures, too bad I couldn't stay.
Regarding the fashion tip on the scarves, animal print scarves are 2005 and they are not even close to coming back. Just something stupid I read. See you Wednesday!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

That (unemployed birthday boy) Chris guy in the top photo (is hot and) looks familiar. Were you the guy in the stall next to me?

Anonymous said...

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