Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last weekend, my Swedish friends Johan and Peter came to town. This is noteworthy because a) they're awesome, and b) I have good reason to go on a huuuuuuuge bar crawl.

We started off at Sweet Paradise after some sipping whiskey. Johan was trying to flash the camera as usual.

Peter is a bit more camera shy. He used to be in the Swedish version of the Marines, which is like, not really the marines because Sweden is a peaceful country.

Next up, we headed to Home Sweet Home, where some rapper dude was trying to rhyme for the crowd but we couldn't really hear him so we just talked over him and took pictures.

At 205 Club, I started snapping photos of Johan with the ladies because ladies love Johan. He didn't actually speak to this girl or anything but she made for a nice photo.

Upstairs, I got Johan to start talking to this lady, who stood about 6' 4". Johan is petrified of tall woman and was only being a good sport for the camera. He scurried away quickly after I took this shot.

Ryan met up with us as we headed up to Kabin...

...and whadayaknow? Ryan and Christine (who had never met before) were wearing the EXACT SAME HOODY. Embarassing much?

Paul was also rocking the American Apparel stripes. The bouncer at Kabin used to call Paul "Buttons" because he's cute as a button. Awwwwwwwww.

Then we went to Lit and got really debaucherous. When we left, it was snowing for the first time all winter. A macho snowball fight ensued between Johan and Peter.

We also got pizza and Peter ate like, 5 or 6 slices. I guess that's how they roll in the Swedish marines.

Then Peter slipped dodging a snowball and called a truce with Johan. See. They're so peaceful, those Swedes. This is how Peter rolls in America...down the street.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice of Johan to take his retard "friend" out! Look how fun he had in the snow. Funny, I thought he might be afraid of the white stuff falling down, but then again, he´s from Sweden..

Anonymous said...

As soon as we entered the 205 club, josh asked me to pose in front of 3 Japanese girls because he took this awesome picture of me and two weird girls doing their dead serious ”sexy” pose on the sofa a couple of months earlier at the same bar. I said nop! …but after another couple of slow gin fizz i agreed to some pictures Josh wanted to take.

Anonymous said...

Swedish marines??? Peter ALWAYS says that when he is drunk. That is NOT true.