Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So apparently some Okies had the brilliant idea to bury a brand new Plymouth Belvedere in Tulsa some 50 years ago just so it could be unearthed in 2007. That's like, now. This year marks Tulsa's centennial, and what better way to celebrate than to dig up a gas-guzzling hot rod!

As dumb as this may seem, I'm kind of into it. I mean, they filled the car with old relics like a case of Schlitz beer (!). The car goes to whomever's relatives guessed the correct Tulsa population in 2007. I think I should get it, since my relatives could have told you that nobody was going to care about Tulsa in 2007 and this was going to be the biggest Oklahoma event since the car's burial.


diana said...

I love time capsules. BUT come on, "biggest Oklahoma event since the burial," really? You might want to wikipedia "timothy mcveigh"

Sparber said...

I was totally thinking that but didn't want to be all morbid. WHATEVS.