Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Sorry for the absence. I've been listening to Disco D mixes at the gym and getting really sad. (Wahh wahhhhh a la Debbie Downer.)

Last night, I was dining at the ever-affordable Sidewalk Cafe around 10something when Tony Bennett walked in, suited up in a tie and jacket, followed by two women who could have been his wife and granddaughter. Of course, another patron insisted on clapping (!) and saying, "Heyyyyy! To-neeeeeee!" which was quite embarassing but I'm sure he gets that like, every hour on the hour.

He looked exactly like he does in this picture but hobbled a bit more than I would have expected. Maybe because he's like, 80something.

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diana said...

soooogood. Please send this verbatim to gawkerstalker.