Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Dave Shayman a.k.a. Disco D was found dead yesterday morning of an apparent suicide. He was 26.

I discovered Disco D when he DJed the basement of Webster Hall during a 2002 Electroclash party. Princess Superstar grabbed the mic and rapped to their collaborative track, "Fuck Me on the Dancefloor" and thus my love for ghettotech began.

I spoke to Dave on the phone a few months later and he helped me figure out which DJ software and hardware to buy when I decided to pursue DJing. I also introduced him to my friend Becky, who had a short-lived fling with him (or so she said).

Christine and I went to a few of Dave's parties at Plant Bar before he moved to New York and moved his monthly Booty Bar party to Filter 14, which I attended religiously. I also saw him at Sway maybe a year ago and forgot how he always had his tongue out when he worked the turntables (see pic above).

More recently, Disco D worked with 50 Cent and then Kevin Federline on his debut album. Last month, I emailed him about an internship but he said he was closing down his New York studio and that I should just buy some sampling equipment and experiment cuz that's what he did. So that's what I'm gonna do.

Bye Dave. You're an inspiration and you'll be missed.

Let's Hug It Out (Diplo Mix) - Disco D
Freestyle - Lola Damone (from Disco D's A Night at the Booty Bar)

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