Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Since January has officially been renamed Michael T. birthday month thanks to his annual month-long celebrations and festivities (and boy do we need. January in New York City is depressing!), it was my pleasure to host yet another Michael T. Birthday Good Times last Wednesday, where New York's number one night creature DJed and did luggage runway in true Michael T. fashion.

An early visit from two of my favorite New York performers, Erickatoure (left) and One-Half Nelson, who promise that this spring and summer is going to be big big big for alter egos, the Ensubtitles.

Apparently Steph Stone (left) can see no evil, while Ericka can hear no evil and Nelson can speak no evil. #AllTAllShade

So good to see our London mate Sean V. (right) and his buddy in the Good Times "photo booth." Apparently Sean is done with his tour de Mexico City and is moving on to bigger and better projects in DUBAI, where homosexuality is still very much illegal but flying to Beirut for the weekend is very much possible.

Birthday boy Michael T. had been out collecting presents for himself earlier in the week, including this hard-bodied hunk who hung in the booth with the T. for a fair amount of the evening.

 My dad can be so silly when pouring drinks behind the bar.

Two of the handsomest men I know, and they both know how to make a tube of hair gel work in their favor too.

It has been too too long since I've seen this posse out and about in full effect. Apparently they only do "birthdays" in the winter time but I'm hoping they get back on that weekly nightlife bandwagon real real soon. And don't believe the lies about Parodi moving the left coast cuz we're not HAVING IT.

Awwwww to Duan!


John may have abandoned his vampire moniker but he will always be a creature of the night to us just like birthday boy Michael T.

Brad confessed to not knowing what do say when he's out and about in nightspots so we helped him unwind and unbutton as best as we could.

HAM to Scot's Slayer hoodie! Just a REALLY IMPORTANT HEADS UP: next Good Times on January 30th will feature an all-star East Village cast, including guest DJs Gant Johnson and Lina who used to chase each other all over Alphabet City from Crow Bar to Salon and Cheetah. AND, we hear a very special Boy Bar guest will be making a rare and surprise guest appearance so do not miss it.

Coat check Marc says peace out! See you next week for the ONLY reunion with Gant & Lina and some special surprise guests. xo, Sparber

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