Wednesday, January 09, 2013


In those first few days after Christmas and New Years, when everyone has both pigged out and partied for an entire week, we at Good Times at Eastern Bloc (every Wednesday!) kept the ball rolling by inviting iconic New York DJ Johnny Dynell to guest with us and entertain for those who weren't giving in just yet. And wouldn't you know it, the New York City children were STILL going on January 2nd. I do indeed heart NY.

Though we sorely missed Xander during our New Year's Eve weekend bender, we were glad he resurfaced the day after New Years looking fresh as ever and feeling like an orchid.

Trani (right) told me she hadn't counted on coming out that night but when she caught wind of Daddy (aka guest DJ Johnny Dynell, left) doing a special Good Times set, she told me wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

We have a hunch that 2013 is going to be a big year for Stephanie Stone (aka Charles, right) not only for magazine covers, music projects and more nightlife performances and appearances but she might even rejoin the mobile phone community.

I know 2013 will be a great year because it has already delivered such worldly delights as Jayne (left), a London sweetheart who kept up with us New York party folk like an energizer bunny and was still looking stellar after a week of late nights and early mornings.

Fun fact: Armando (left) and Jonathan, along with Robbie S. (not pictured and hasn't really been seen since Paula Abdul was booted from American Idol) sometimes refer to themselves as the t-shirts, with Robbie as size small, Jonathan as M and Armando as L.

Leather sleeves? Or was he just ready and eager to get his fist on?

 While barman Darren took some hard-earned time off to frolic through the streets of London as a Freddie Mercury doppelganger, barmen Sam (left) and Rob held it down at last Wednesday's Good Times. They were sort of hoping to get home a little earlier than usual too but that late night rush just didn't wanna leave till 4am. Sorry guys!

Now walking for the category of animal print blazers (and looking quite fine, I might add).

I was waiting for her to get on the mic and sing some freestyle Love & Happiness, La India style but alas she kept a low profile and looked fetching and mysterious from afar.

The British chap on the left with Scott couldn't comprehend our policy of no requests or why Daddy wouldn't play Azealia Banks' 212, which this fellow considered a "hot new tune."

Flashback to the deep-V trend of 2010, which I'm still a big proponent of thankyouverymuch.

Twins? Stoners? Turks? I have no idea whatsover but their good time at Good Times is all that matters and by the looks of those smiles, I'm guessing that they did indeed have fun.

The hooded Stella Artois bandit strikes again!

Big filakia to my greek bulas Giorgos and Giorgos, who almost out-partied Jayne during New Year's week (yes, it was an entire week. Thursday till Wednesday. I'm still zonked) and stayed out almost as late as I did for many many consecutive nights. 

These two were headed back to Brazil the following day but my plan to steal his identity and plane ticket failed to materialize.

Eliot is fun to hug. Try it at next week's Good Times, when me and Kevin Graves give you an electroclash throwback with the sounds of Miss Kittin, T. Raumschmiere and the Hungry Wives.

Daddy didn't realize that the Bob Newhart Show was playing on the television below the DJ booth while he spun but I bet if I got him going, he'd have some great stories to share about the Bob Newhart Show era, 1972 - 1978, when he was a wee lad.

Looking forward to hearing about the wedding plans for these two, as Gugu (right) swore that THIS WAS THE ONE!!!

This one in the white showed us photos of himself as a dazzling pageant queen from the midwest who had just arrived in New York City to achieve all his dreams of east coast crown-snatching and late-night dances at Good Times.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, including Evans (right) and Kindbud (center, who has a dope new music video called The Remix is Dead. Go watch it!) and Johnny Dynell, who turned this mutha out and is welcome back to DJ any time his heart desires. See you next week for our electroclash throwback. xo

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