Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Electroclash lives! Though I had to dig deep to uncover all my Mirwais and Miss Kittin hits from the Luxx and Berliniamsburg era, me and guest DJ Kevin Graves pulled it together to do an electroclash throwback at last Wednesday's Good Times at Eastern Bloc. The party started at 10pm and the Mount Sims singalongs started shortly thereafter.

Founding members of the gay Long Island DJ crew. We're taking to the decks next month for Anthony's birthday throwdown at The Rusty Knot on February 17th and I'm already planning my crunked up pussy twerkin' set.

It was a lucky coincidence that our electroclash Good Times happened on the same night that our good friend Adrian (right) was in town from London for just a few small drinks, since he actually knew every word to every song we played. When are electroclash nights going to be come the new 80s night?

Adam wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe at this year's ceremony but we're pretty sure he'll be in Hollywood's gay Jew mafia soon enough.

DJ Kevin Graves was a bit exasperated, as his apartment building had been SET ON FIRE earlier in the day, yet since he had stayed at his boyfriend's place the night before, he insisted on playing a set and impressing us all, which he most certainly did.

No matter how crowded or uncrowded we get on Wednesdays, the pole position always seems to be the number three hangout spot (after the bathroom line and the bathroom, respectively).

I didn't realize that electroclash night would translate to 30 and over night, yet I'm glad these lovely ladies derive the same joy as me from hearing Felix the Housecat's remixes of Dot Allison and Ladytron.

Giving good times a big thumbs up! Oh, and a note to the cute photographer on the left or anyone that wants to come out and snap a few photos for us on Wednesday (or even volunteer to snap some photos while I'm DJing or schmoozing): DRINKS ON ME!

Marcellus, carrying as usual.

And then this happened.

Me and my friend in the tighty whities had previous hung out at Mobel Olfe in Berlin this past summer, where they unfortunately do NOT have a pole for spontaneous shows, though I'm sure that their bathroom is equally as popular as ours.

The Good Times family, with daddy Darren (right) and brother Rob. I'm am voting for an Eastern Bloc family portrait in the very near future.

BREAKING NEWS: Mikey Fuentes (left) and I have released our debut mixtape as a production duo, DONKEY, and you can download it at You won't regret it.

Rob was in a real huggy mood that night.

Marc was in a real lonely mood that night because apparently no one checked their coats. Next time we do an electroclash night, we are going to have to coax Marc's alter ego, DJ Tekshur, out of retirement.


It's been a minute seen we've seen Ernie (left, with Matty) so we were excited to hear that he has a new party up his sleeve with the one and only Roze Black, who we live and die and come back to life for.

Scat pigs unite! See you next Wednesday when super special DJ guest Bill Pfieffer who used to be the Friday Wonderbar resident before moving over to Saturdays at Starlight will be joining us for some deep house and more. xo, Sparber

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