Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Memorial Day weekend came and went and with it, two of the Horse Meat Disco boys from London, Jim and Severino, came to New York for a visit and a stupendous DJ gig at Cielo. Lucky for us at Good Times, our weekly Wednesday get together at Eastern Bloc, Sevvy stuck around to guest DJ and have a kiki and even share his favorite Missy Elliott (!) tracks with us.  

Mikey (right) and Adam got the partied started with me at 10pm to the tune of that new David Morales and Roisin Murphy track. How can you go wrong with David and Roisin? (or Mikey and Adam for that matter?)

Lo and behold, the festivities got off to an early start thanks to the arrival of one Natasha Raye (right) and one Xander (center, hard to miss).

Buckle up kids, its going to be one of those evening.

Sevvy hit the decks around midnight after touching up his hair for the occasion.

Rich and his man, upstaged by Natasha and her tongue.

Since the summer humidity has set in in New York in a big way, we took a breather outside for some fresh air and so Xander could give sidewalk runway all the way up and down sixth street. 

I think Depeche Mode summed up my feelings best for Xander: I Just Can't Get Enough.

Party revelers in shirts of all shapes, colors and patterns.

Not exactly sure how these two survived the heat in formal attire but it looks like they may have sweated off a few pounds as well before the dance party even began.

Mr. Menone, SAT tutor to the stars' kids.

HBIC and she knows it.

A lovely fellow actually volunteered to take photos for me at last Wednesday's Good Times, which meant I had more time for farewell drinks, as I flew off to Istanbul the following day (and am still there now, typing these captions from a cafe in Tesvikiye.

The tide is high but he's holding on.

Yes to their translucent shirts but an even bigger yes to the photo bomb happening in the background. Gay gang signs are the new v-neck.

Omar (right) and Rob are our two trusty bar backs at Eastern Bloc, who schlep liquor and beer bottles up and down and up and down all night long, which is why they both have the shapeliest glutes at Good Times.

Some people got really starstruck when Madonna showed up at Eastern Bloc for 10 minutes a few years ago. I, however, got super starstruck when legendary disco DJ Bobby Viteritti (center) turned up for a drink and a chat. Hoping to have him back for a guest DJ spot real real soon.

Guess who's filling in as guest DJ on Wednesday while I'm  busy DJing at Otto (the smaller, older one) in Istanbul? You're looking at him on the right. It's DJ Darren Dryden, Eastern Bloc owner, bartender, graphic designer and DJ. And he promises to wear something super special and maybe even play I Will Survive (which he loves).

It's been too long since Xavier (left, with Mikey) popped in for a Good Times visit. It has not been too long, however, since we've played Xavier's Give Me the Night (ATOC Mix), one of our favorites.

And speaking of favorites, its one of my favorite New York DJs of all time ever, Michael Magnan, who is overdue for our annual Nite of Deee Lite. He also has a birthday coming up in one week so we're trying to figuring out how to get Big Freedia's booty dancers to give him a private show.

See no evil, hear no evil? Or perhaps our Good Times motto should be a bit more don't ask, don't tell.

The Duan & Momo posse, which used to be named the Luis posse before Luis went off and got a boyfriend and disappeared off the face of the East Village

I actually played the Asstech mix by DJ Dandylion (pictured here. Go grab it from his Soundcloud) for a group of Turks the other night and everyone went crazy and swore to follow his musical endeavors. So if Dandy gets big in Turkey, you know who's to blame.

That free mustache rides sign might actually hold true if you play your cards right with the fellow in the yellow.

So many things are happening in this photo besides the return of Luke K. (left) to Good Times and I'm not sure these things are necessarily PG.

Pretty sure this is the point of the night when Severino had the whole room dancing and flapping their arms like a Nelly Furtado hit of yesteryear.

These are the things we like to see at Good Times.

And these are the things we really like to see at Good Times.

Two of our favorite Good Times poster children, Scot and Denise. And if you can't get a sense of their heights, they are both really really tall compared this this particular shorty.

Thank you to this wonderful man who volunteered to take photos for the evening and is responsible for everything you've seen up until this point. You are welcome to take more phoots any time your heart desires. xoxo

Sevvy (left) and his New York host and best buddy W. Jeremy (right), who has an upcoming guest spot at Good Times on June 27th just in case your still in town and ready to party post-pride weekend.

Jamil LaBEIJA, giving you face face and baby face.

Severino always knows how to make every single person in the place dance, even when standing in line for the bathroom as exemplified here by Good Times favorite Armando.

One Calle at a Time, Sweet Jesus.

Photographing the photographer, as exemplified by a buzzed up Kevin.

And speaking of buzzed up, Evan rolled through look fresh to death with a recently buzzed hairdo as well.

Oh hiiiiiiiiiii.

Like father, like son. And get into Magnan's latest tshirt creation, National Pornographic, soon to be sold if they're not already up on his website.

Party people in the place to be.

The cuteness that is Duan, pronounced like Juan but with a D, who had a hard time leaving when we kept plying him with drinks and shots.

Darren used to bar back AND dance at Eastern Bloc back in its infancy. Now he comes by to kiki, dance and show off his awesome aquatic sportswear.

Open wide and say ahhhhhhhhh'm lovin' it.

By this time, it was nearing last call but the tunes kept coming and so the Severino fanatics (and trust me, there are many. He's THAT GOOD!) kept coming out of the woodwork.

I'm not sure who this one is but I probably should, as he was living for the music and kept thanking me for the party and hosting Severino and then he dropped that he's 63 (!!!) and they just don't play music like they used to here in New York City.

Sevvy's friend from London, getting into a Donna Summer moment.

And another reveler, giving a Donna Summer moment with that major tattoo that he swore he had done before she passed away a few weeks ago.

Grazie grazie grazie to Severino and everyone that came out to party with us. Don't forget to come check out DJ Darren Dryden (right) at next week's Good Times, which will be his Good Times DJ debut (he usually plays on Fridays). xoxoxo