Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Though our third annual Endless Donna Summer party at last Wednesday's Good Times was dampened by Donna's death one month earlier, me and guest DJ Michael T. decided that the show/party should go on as a celebration for all the music Donna gave to us. And Heaven Knows Donna would have wanted it that way.

 Early bird W. Jeremy (left) arrived just as the party got started at 10pm, in part because he'll be taking the DJ helm at next Wednesday's Good Times while I DJ Booty Call in San Francisco and in part so he could get and give big bear kisses like the one you see here.

Mike helped warm me up during my warm up set, which did not include the 17 minute mix of Love To Love You Baby but only because I promised myself I'd save it until after 2am when it works the best.

GYM BOZOS! I used to hang with these two all day and night at my old gym stomping grounds so its nice to finally see them with cocktails in hand rather than barbells.

From way back in the DJ booth, we all kind of gagged when we spotted the ginormous blonde hair on the left from the opposite end of the bar. I didn't get to chat much with these three heavenly creatures but I'm hoping this is just the beginning of many more Good Times looks (and drinks) for them. 

She works hard for the vodka sodas so you better treat her RIGHT.

Gugu has officially been elevated to muse status, since her looks are always so inspired and inspiring and she never fails to bring it, even when making a quick nightlife appearance.

Mike (left) and an admirer, helping him "tune in" to On the Radio or whatever was playing at this point in the evening.

Me and Michael T., who is the driving force behind our annual Endless Donna Summer party and probably the biggest Donna Summer fan I have ever met. He started his midnight set with the 18 minute MacArthur Park Suite, which paved the way for an epic evening, as you will soon see in the photos.

Sunset people: doing it right, night after night.

MUSES! Need I say more?

It just isn't a Good Times photo set if someone doesn't bend over for a highly inappropriate photo. And this was still early on in the evening.

Garrett (left) brought Jorgie out for his first ever Good Times experience, which didn't last all that long but we made somehow made him smile so we're hoping to turn him into a repeat offender.

Getting ready to embark on a journey to the center of his shorts.

Our Endless Donna Summer party coincided not only with the summer solstice / start of summer but also with the first heatwave of 2012, where temperatures outside reached 96 F / 35 C. Hot stuff indeed.

I was absolutely devastated to hear that Nana (right, with Alvin) is no longer shaking her tambourine behind the bar at Boiler Room anymore. She is, however, always welcome to do tambourine shows at Good Times  any damn Wednesday she pleases.

Kevvy popped by for a quick hey gurl hey in a pair of cute polka-dotted shorts that I'm not-so-secretly coveting right about now.

Stripes on stripes, with bangles and bracelets to boot. 

One-half of the DJ and production duo Stereogamous, Jonny (left, with Scott) had just arrived in town earlier that day from London but was kind enough to bring his good energy and good stories from London's Lovebox (he hugged Grace Jones!) with him to Good Times.

Chris reminded me that he'll be in Berlin the first two weeks of July this summer just like me. We are looking forward to backyard dance parties and awesome Italian DJs, because apparently Berlin is all about fantastic DJs from Italy. Who knew.

The one in the San Francisco cyclist cap is all, "hold up. Is Michael T. really dropping Could It Be Magic right about now?" (Answer: yes.)

Kele (left) has previously told me that the soundtracks to my weekly Wednesday parties can sometimes make or break whichever particular date is he on that evening. I don't actually think he was on a date last Wednesday but since he didn't leave till last call, I'm guessing we may have "made it" for him that night.

 A hunky dory time with some hunky dorothies.

Adam (left) and a super friendly chap who complimented me not only on my party but my social networking presences that led him to my party. Come back again soon!

Is it 2am yet? Can we play the super extended remixes of Love to Love You and Try Me Try Me Try Me Try Me Try Me yet?

Brad, doing his best Donna Summer fist pump. Try Me Try Me Try Me Try Me...!

Hello sailor!

In lieu of Nana's tambourine shows, she was kind enough to hop on the pole with Alvin for some old school pole shows, which we all enjoyed a little too much.

DJ conference time in the bathroom. This is how Nita, Magnan and I share all our latest and greatest gossip and music discoveries. True story.

At some point in the evening, Michael T.'s set went from stellar to legendary as the entire venue began feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it all at once.

Xander, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it. 

It's official: the Jennifer Beal off-the-shoulder is the new black!

The cuteness that is Duan.

In this small gay world in which we live, it shouldn't surprise me that this Australian (right) and San Franciscan (left) not only know one another but ran into each other at Good Times and kiki-ed the night away.

Donna Summer singalong moment! 

One of the evenings many highlights was this moment when Michael T. played Chic Cheer, descended from the DJ booth and proceeded to give voguing shows with a pair of baseball hats. 

The hotness that is Sam and Michael on the hottest night (literally) of 2012 thus far.


"Liberian Girl, you know that you came and you changed my world."

The following day, Michael texted me to say he had drank ten or more shots the night before, though I'm pretty sure he just wanted to hug it out with as many Good Timers as possible, including barman Darren.

Two of the baddest girls I know.

We are all officially obsessed with this elderly fellow who appears between 2 and 4am on Wednesdays and won't be photographed but is nothing but complimentary about our disco selections and always throws in a story or two about "the old days."


We should have asked him to announce that it was time for last call but it looked like he just having too much fun.

Yup. It was another really really really fun Good Times. Come next week for W. Jeremy, who will be filling in for me while I'm out in San Francisco DJing Juanita More's Pride Party and Wednesday night Booty Call party. xx, Sparber

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