Wednesday, June 20, 2012


DJ Chauncey D., creator and mother of the House of Dandridge, has been a resident at Nowhere Bar for almost as long as we've been doing our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Since we haven't had the chance to attend as many of Chauncey's Beetlejuice parties as we would like, we thought it'd be perfect to bring Chauncey over to Good Times for a guest set and some catch up cocktails.  

Mikey (right) and I both dressed in white by sheer coincidence, though we both enjoy the virginal connotations that go along with our color of choice.

Adam (right) and Edwin hugged it out shortly before Edwin and I began planning our return trip to west coast Fire Island aka Palm Springs for this coming fall/winter.

Of course Ron (left, with Natasha and Jay) walked in the moment I put on an amazing track he had introduced me to a few months earlier, which he unleashed yet again this past Saturday at his all stupendous Wrecked party.

BOOTH VIEW! We're without a cameraman once again, which meant I had the good fortune of taking photos of all the folks who requested Scissor Sisters' Let's Have a Kiki, including this lot here.

Letting me HAVE IT with that shoulder action, Jennifer Beals Flashdance style.

My super sexy neighbor for two and a half more months. Then Luigi will disappear into the winds of the west side, only to be heard from on birthdays, New Years and Halloween.

The most photographed spot in Eastern Bloc, modeled by one gay at a time.

I haven't felt much of a need to work on a base tan thus far into the summer, though seeing these three beaus of varying shades is making me yearn for a trip to Riis Beach right about now.

INTRODUCING CHAUNCEY AND THE HOUSE OF DANDRIDGE! (I wanted to get on the mic and say that but its not that kind of party. Sorry Chauncey!)

Jack (center) just DJed his first Friday gig at Metropolitan and is still going strong with his own residency at Nowhere Bar and his Bed Stuy monthly, Boy Please. Next DJ stop: High Tea (once that damn Pavilion is rebuilt. In 2016).

I finally received a memo this week stating that I am overdue for a denim workshirt. Apparently its a wardrobe necessity. Who knew?

Master baker (and chef) Tyler clued me into his numerous culinary projects happening in New York City right now, one of which involves looking for rich benefactors to finance his own eatery. This could be you! (and if so, I'm in need of a rich benefactor as well. For vinyl-buying purposes only).

Philip D., who had a really hard time keeping them eyes open when the flash went off. I had to be like, "cameras ready, prepare to flash" just to get a useable shot.

AB SOTO IN THE HOUSE (center)! And he'll be performing at next week's Good Times as well, which just happens to be our annual Endless Donna Summer Good Times party with the one and only Michael T.

Demonstrating the proper Good Times way to greet a friend or a stranger.

Though I don't get up to the front of the bar all that much, I must say that the bathroom line and bathroom shows always seem to be the cutest in the bar.

And speaking of the legendary Eastern Bloc bathrooms, I spied some new artwork up on the walls this week.

Nancy Sinatra now greets you in one of our two Good Times toilet stall options. She also says, "these boots were made for dancing, not camping out in the bathroom all night. Now get outta here."

I think Quinn's beard is stealing the spotlight in this here photo in all of its ginger glory.

David's back! Spencer's back! And finally the rain has stopped and summer is back in New York in the form of a heatwave. Good Times!

Getting into that Sharon Needles tank top of his while being simultaneously repulsed and obsessed with his Grindr hat. Do you think kids will wear that in a kitsch, nostalgic way in the year 2018 (aka the year that the Fire Island Pavilion reopens)?

More photos of my Jennifer Beals inspiration of the evening.

Volpe (right) and K. Giss, making the rounds and getting down to Chauncey D.

We have yet to do a White Zombie Good Times party, though if we ever throw Big Scot a birthday happening, I'll be sure to include some on the playlist.

That moment when someone spontaneously takes to pole dancing. And they're wearing a Grindr baseball cap.

My muse in 2012 and pretty much my muse for life, Xander, being ogled by DJ Michael Magnan (left) who also celebrated his birthday at midnight that night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!

I half imagined the bar to be empty when I arrived at 10pm but to my surprise, we had a packed house for the majority of the evening. Perhaps I should travel to (and then return from) Istanbul more often.

AB's backpack was definitely the talk of the bar, as I overheard some queens chitchatting about it when I ordered drinks and caught some other queens on the bathroom line talking about it as well. Can't wait to see what he wears to next week's performance.

How do you deee-lectable, deee-vine, deee-gorgeous?

Marko shared the AWFUL news that he might be moving back to Macedonia in a few more weeks. On the brighter side, we're already planning Good Times Macedonia in 2012/2013.

Steven (right) and Momo told me their goal for the next year was to "attend Good Times as much as possible since it always lives up to its namesake." And then I paid them off handsomely.

Jefferson and Jeferson! Yes, I staged this photo since I am a dork and was excited to be in the presence of two handsome Brazilians named Jef(f)erson and listen to them speak in Portuguese and then pretend to know what they were saying.

Me and my neighbor, buddy and now laundromat partner Mark S. (left), who goes to the same 24-hour laundry spot as me but probably frequents it more during daylight hours, whereas I love a late-night, 4am laundry pick-up. 

This week, Xander also turned up at Ron Like Hell's Wrecked party and told me that people who say nightlife is dead in New York City don't know where to look. PREACH! He also predicts a preponderance of new nightlife opportunities in the year 2014. THE ORACLE HAS SPOKEN!

Ladies who love the pole AND the hole.

There have been whispers of late that Eastern Bloc co-owner Darren is actually immune to aging or might even be aging in reverse, Benjamin Button style.

A big thank you to DJ Chauncey D. for bringing the House of Dandridge to Good Times and for continuing the fight to legalize dancing in New York City. (In case you didn't know, it is illegal to dance in most NYC venues if they don't have a license which is pretty fucked up).

Marwin (right) and a friend who is teetering on the border of skinny jeans and leggings. Or are those just jeggings? What exactly is a jegging?

Eugene Tambourine (left) and his man in their unique, trademark head gear.

Jonathan and Jake, canoodling in a booth as the evening wound down.

And last but not least, these lovely young Turks came by for a nightcap just as I was wrapping up so we chatted about Istanbul and crazy Turkish cab drivers and my Baklava addiction. Thanks to everyone who came out! See you next week for our annual Endless Donna Summer Good Times with guest DJ Michael T. and a performance by AB Soto. xx, Sparber

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