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Mother Nature has not been a fan of our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. In fact, she seems to have ordered up rain and snow almost every Wednesday for the past few years, including the few times guest DJ Sammy Jo has come to visit and play with us, which is why we were delighted when winter temperatures reached 50 or 60something last Wednesday and things got even hotter inside.

I'm guessing a gay frosh was celebrating his birthday with his 10 best girlfriends, which would explain the fishy invasion that kicked off last Wednesday's Good Times party.

David (left) and Matthew in matching bank robber caps.

Walt wasn't feeling very camera friendly though he did get very snap happy when asked to snap some party photos for me. Sadly, most of his artsy hand portraiture didn't make it into this week's photo set.

Giving you Dave Navarro eye makeup effect.

That big fluffy coat, coupled with the aqua backpack, is serving me Sleepy's meets little Japanese schoolgirl in a really warm, comforting and sleep-inducing kind of way.

Gugu (left) also popped in on the earlier side of things and told me that she's been picking up ballroom dance moves from none other than our very own Keisha. We're hoping the two of them show off said moves at an upcoming Good Times, thanks.

Our trusty doorman Scot, who has a very iconic get-the-fuck-out-of-the-bar end-of-night speech which needs to be turned into a dance track much like that Xander monologue which has been remixed all over Soundcloud.

How did Instagram hunk Rudy (right) run through my party without me seeing him or saying hey? His punishment will be to take me to Rio with him next time he goes, which I hope is in two weeks because I need a carnival experience like nobody's business.

Getting in to the new Aeroplane remix of The Rapture that I've been playing on repeat.

I was all excited to ask Frank (right) about his European escapades when he broke the news that he actually had to postpone his trip for work. Wah wahhhhhhh (though it is always a delight to see Frank).

Keisha (left, with Fritzy) finally delivered the most awesome Hanukkah gift ever which I will for sure be sporting at our April 4th Good Times Passover Party, where we'll be serving up more matzah goodies than you can shake a shankbone at.

So a greek, a Spaniard and a white guy walk into a bar. Actually, I'm only certain that Alex (left) is Greek but that's good enough for me, as I'm already planning a trip to Tinos for Dekapentavgoustos this coming summer. Who's with me?

Marc, now serving up Mad Dog 20/20 in more ways than one. (Note to Eastern Bloc: let's start serving Mad Dog 20/20. And Boone's Farm!")

Since guest DJ Sammy Jo moonlights as the tour DJ for the Scissor Sisters, it only seemed appropriate to have two dudes scissoring on the pole in eager anticipation of is imminent arrival at our Good Times party.

After months and months of hibernation, the real Ryan S. (second from right) has surfaced, and with three bearded beaus no less (okay, one doesn't have a beard, but we won't hold it against him).

Reminder time: next week we welcome yet another New York legend, Austin Downey, for his Good Times debut. Austin used to DJ at Limelight and Tunnel and Palladium back in the day and then took a little time off but is ready to turn it in the East Village just like he used to when he and Darren worked at Crow Bar together which was only a stone's throw from where Eastern Bloc now stands.

Two of the Angel Alliance's finest sisters, me and Sean Vickers of white-boy-in-Mexico-City fame.

United Colors of Good Times.

Forty five and still alive! We needed photographic proof that Michael T. did indeed survive his typical two weeks of birthday partying and so we snapped this here photo, with me demonstrating just how much I love Ms. T.

Steven was giving us a quick I'm-in-the-corner-watching-you-kiss-her moment when we spotted him at last week's party but we know he is just quietly biding his time and saving his energy for our big Good Times fifth anniversary blowout in March with San Francisco's queen bee Juanita More guesting with me.

Sammy and Justin 4EVA! Justin (center) might even be moving in to the very same building that Sammy and Justin used to live in together. Now if this isn't Made for Logo reality TV at its best, I don't know what is.

When these two start doing ballroom dance shows, I predict a ballroom blitz.

Congratulations to Santi (right), who is now apparently a photo staffer at local gay rag Next Magazine. We look forward to many more embarrassing photos in the front and back of Next thanks to Santi. xoxo

Jonathan and I got real giddy at the prospect of our good friend and Good Times mascot Armando moving back to New York, which may or may not be happening by March 1st. Can we say Welcome Back Armando Good Times party?

Black leather jackets and hooded sweatshirts always win me over.

Kiki-ing at the bar.

Speaking of kiki-ing, Sammy Jo holds in his hand some new Scissor Sister songs from the upcoming album which he played intermittently throughout the night and let me just say that the song called the Kiki is THE kiki. You heard it here first, folks.

Seth has been out and about a bit more more frequently of late and I for one am not complaining in the least.

Too shy shy, hush hush I do I.

We've been doing less musically-themed parties of late but only because we've been having such special guest DJs visit us from around the world and we don't wanna restrict their music selection in any way, shape or form. But it sure makes captioning these photos a whole lot harder.

Michael (right) and another handsome buddy, both of whom are giving chesticiles in those Henley's and suspenders.

Best beard of the evening, hands down. The pink shirt goes a long way as well.

This is the part of the evening when I played that Winger song She's Only Seventeen.

Happy fashion week from your local design hero Telfar. Telfar has a pop-up store opening on Clinton and Houston real real soon. He's also guesting with me on February 15th for a Love Hangover Good Times, which might be a little less Diana Ross and a little more Rick Ross. Just sayin'.

Rob (center), getting tips for his possible upcoming trip to Los Angeles. Rob has never been to California before we think he might love it and never return if and when he does venture out west.

James is still waiting for the Courtney Love Good Times appearance that we all know will happen one day. And when it does, we will have Pretty On the Inside cued up and ready to play.

The Nita and the Eddie, one of whom is currently making his DJ debut in Australia while the other is back to promoting (thank god) and hosting a Sunday Funday daytime event at Nowhere.

Timmy time.

Sometimes we wanna strangle bartender Darren and when we reach out and touch faith, it turns into the best photo of him for the evening.

The always stunning Solie, photobombed by the always bombed Andrew G.

Jeremy P. part 2 (left), with a friend whose yellow harness leather gear was looking pretty major.

Just when you think it's going to be a semi-quiet evening, the masses turn up at 130am and they didn't leave till Scot did his last call song at 355am.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIAN! Damian gave me a heads up that he'd be rolling through with a party crew for his birthday activities but he didn't mention he'd be giving Lana Del Rey Born to Die sleeveless realness.

This is what everyone at Eastern Bloc would look like if Darren could decorate each and every one of them the same way he decorates the walls, ceilings and bar stools.

Stephen and Troy would also be a part of that Sammy Jo and Justin Vivian Bond Logo reality show, which means Logo needs to get on this project NOW.

Me and Thomas are brainstorming ways to sneak me in to that Guns 'n' Roses show that is happening at his Webster Hall workplace because I need to hear Estranged live. Guns 'n' Roses Good Times anyone?

Long time no see, Mr. Prendergast!


She was really letting me have it long before I even noticed she was wearing lace-up converse thigh-highs.

Well lookie here. It's our good friend Chrissie M. We love a surprise visit from Chris, even if his hair is all shagadelic now.

I don't think these two were even born when next week's guest DJ Austin Downey was conquering clubland, which is all the more reason that they need to attend next week's Good Times.

A late night drive-by from Charley, who promptly left shortly after this photo was snapped for a very very late night dinner at 430am.

Much love to everyone who came out to Good Times, including our favorites Jamil (left) and Solie as well as the always fantastic Sammy Jo, who even managed to work the B-52's Channel Z seamlessly into his set before we made him play The Kiki one more time.

And the final kiki was trying to get Frank (left) and Chris to reenact the famous final photo from Chris' britpop homecoming Good Times of 2009. But we had to settle for this drunken eskimo kiss instead. See you next week! xo, Sparber

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