Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On the heels of both Valentine's Day and the passing of Whitney Houston (RIP Nippy), guest DJ Telfar and I opened our hearts at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc to share songs of love and joy from Whitney as well as our other favorites.

Steven (left) and Richard were still experiencing a love hangover from the day before but the $1 vodkas at 11pm helped fix that real real quick.

Walk like a 2012 Egyptian.

Fresh new faces with freshly buzzed heads.

Rich King should totally start an 18 and over night called Twinkie Snaxxx where he schools the young'uns with his fierce vinyl collection as they look on in bewilderment wondering what vinyl is.

The return of the deep V.

Coatchecker Marc was mysteriously absent last week but in his place, we had this saucy substitute who clearly enjoyed mixing business and pleasure as much as we do.

Kevin (second from right) and his entourage of friends, who may or may not have ever ventured east of Avenue A before last Wednesday but we're sure they're hooked after this particular experience.

CAST SLING ACCESSORY REALNESS! Straight from the New York fashion week runways to the nightlife photos of downtown Manhattan.

Guest DJ Telfar actually rolled in a little later than expected, which means I didn't have a chance to booze and schmooze with my favorite regulars like Dimitrios (right) because, ummmm, I had to DJ or something.

A sampling of things to come on March 7th when we throw down for Eddie's birthday on Wednesday, March 7th at Good Times. He's already ordered strippers and Nita as guest DJ so you know things are gonna get buckwild.

An Italian, an American and a Mexican walk into a bar...

Xtrava..........GANZAAAAAAAAA! I had the enormous honor of welcoming legendary club child Edwin XTRAVAGANZA into the DJ booth. She don't go out as much as she used to so when she does, it's always a reason to celebrate.

Drita D'avanzo's number one fan, DJ Darrell Elmore.

Bryan (right), Joe and I all hugged it out this past Sunday at David Mancuso's long-running Loft party, which has been going on now for 42 years. The party also inspired me to maybe play next week's songs from start to finish, "loft style," as part of our Hash Wednesday Good Times with guest DJ Michael Magnan.

TELFAR! Better late than never, especially once she gets going on the 1's and 2's and gets the party jumpin' jumpin'.

Roman (left) from Berlin, Marcos (center) from Mexico City and William (right) from Los Angeles all congregated together in this small East Village bar party so you could drool over this photo for days to come.

Rob (left, with Darren), giving major side eye that I haven't played any Britney in like, 8 months. Little does he know about a Britney-sampling tech house track I'll be blowing his mind with at next week's Good Times.

Ms. Keisha dawwwwwwling and her friend from "the block."

Take! These broken wings. And learn to fly again and learn to live so free.

Caught on candid camera.

I smell a dance party. I also smell a distinct armpit that isn't my own. It must be...

LADYFAG! Lady has been missing from my life for a minute since we've both been traveling and she's been busy attending every imaginable fashion week on the planet but its always nice when we can get back to basics and dance it out to Edie Brickell's What I Am, aka our song.

Sickening, sickening and sickening.

Sometimes I wonder if these quiet strangers in the corner will grow up to be the next Danny Tenaglia and, ummm, Susan Morabito. You never know!

The man, the myth, and one of the best DJs in New York City, Mister Michael Magnan.

Michael and I are so so excited to bring you Hash Wednesday at next week's party, filled with spacey disco and Led Zeppelin and lots and lots of house and Armand Van Helden and Deee-Lite if Michael's previous sets are any indicator.

Clearly I was back in the DJ booth spinning records and taking outside-the-bathroom portraits at this point, which means its probably 3am or so.

Coat check, still partying!

Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to Telfar for not turning us out at Good Times but for sporting the most awesome Destiny's Child CD case known to man. See you next week at Hash Wednesday Good Times with me and Magnan. xoxo, Sparber

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