Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Even since DJ Austin Downey and I spun together over a year ago at Rich King's annual New Year's Day get together, we've been plotting another night for us to get together and do it again. That night finally happened at last Wednesday's weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, when Austin and I each played a little bit of everything, including house and super slow cosmic disco.

I thought I would have to wait till I DJ Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn this coming Friday, February 17th, to see Jeff but apparently I was wrong. Always a nice way to start off the evening.

Dan (right) and Ryan were running around town last Wednesday since Dan was visiting from London and Ryan is pretty much the best nightlife tour guide a DJ could ask for. They both played unbelievable sets as well at Ryan's Wrecked party last Saturday.

Chastity (left, with Lucas) recently returned from New Orleans for our friend Parker's store opening and would have come home with lots of Mardi Gras beads for showing some skin had he actually been down there for Mardi Gras.

When I quickly glimpsed at his shirt, I swore he was showcasing Dina Martina, which made me really really excited.

In the future, there will be an app where you can just suck on your iPhone and get drunk instead of having to wait at the bar for a drink.

Two of New York's finest DJs, Will (right) and Dandylion, came out to support our gay nightlife forefather and hear his stellar set.

If this was April Fool's, I'd announce that Fritz and Denise are actually a couple! But since it's actually Valentine's Day and NOT April Fools, ummmm, I really don't how to explain their long, torrid love affair.

Eric (center) actually came over to the DJ booth and told me how much he appreciates that I don't play mainstream music and encouraged me to keep doing so, which pretty much made my night right then and there. (Then I played Rihanna's We Found Love. JK. Not that I'm against it.)


How mad is Michael T. going to be that his one true love, Greg E. (left) showed up on the one night Michael was absent?!?!?

Yeah, so there's a lot of two-people-posing shots this week which I can't explain. I can't even remember who took these earlier photos during my DJ but I DO remember our former photographer Kelvin rolling in at 2am and being like, "I'm back! Now gimme the camera."

Skrillex-inspired hairdo on the right and believe you me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Skrillex hair is going to be the new faux hawk. Wait and see.

That thing when you always see someone's Grindr photo and then you see them in real life and you think, "I know you!" for a split second before actually placing where it is you recognize them from.

THE LEGENDARY AUSTIN DOWNEY (left)! Coincidentally, I ended up spinning at the Blind Barber this past Friday, which, before it was the Blind Barber, Plan B and Drinkland was once upon a time known as Crow Bar where both Austin and bartender Darren (not pictured) worked together.

DJs with big guns. Can't wait to go to David Mancuso's the Loft (aka the best party in the world)
this coming Sunday with my breast friend DJ Will (right).

Greg tried to leave after one or two drinks but I wouldn't let him and so instead we did a shot and kiki-ed for another hour or two while dancing along to Austin's set.

Get into the sunglasses, folks...

...and get into those nails! Yes, every fingernail has a matching tip on the opposite hand. Would you expect any less from Xander? I didn't think so.

An Italian stallion.

We were super saddened by the death of Whitney Houston this past week but her memory will live on through her music and through the outrageous video we have of Shaquandre (right) performing a Whitney Houston number earlier this year that must be seen to be believed.

The most innocent face in all the land.

The way to my heart is actually not that complicated at all. All you must do is play Miss Tony's Bitch Track, which Austin promptly played and I promptly lost my shit.

Who doesn't love to play Giss and Tell?

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Next Wednesday, guest DJ Telfar and I will be doing a Love Hangover Good Times but not necessarily a disco Love Hangover. More of a Whitney Houston Love Will Save the Day kind of hangover with a sprinkling of Eve and Foxy Brown tracks as per our usual tag team set.

Andrew (left) and Paul, who once proclaimed himself "mayor of the East Village" once upon a time.

The return of J4! J4 (left, with Anthony) had begun DJing around town shortly before moving upstate to become a full-time makeup queen. And now she's back!

Yes, Colin and I are already planning St. Patrick's Gay mayhem even though it's only February and St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday. (Saturdays + St. Patrick's Day = NIGHTMARE. Take it from a Long Islander.)

Mark wants to thank you for helping him achieve 1000 followers on Instagram.

Kyle (left) and Joey had just met only a few days before this photo was snapped but leave it to the gay East Village TMZ (aka me) to catch them "canoodling," if that's even a thing.

Kevin (second from right) is getting prepped for that big Slayer concert at All Tomorrow's Parties by growing his hair as long as humanly possible. And now that they just added The Make-Up to the line-up, I sort of want to go myself.


All in all, Austin's set was nothing short of awesome. And the bar was even navigable thanks to another rainy Wednesday. We are seriously considering changing the name of this party to Wet Times.

Do I spy Natasha asleep at the end of the bar???

Nope, not Natasha. But you never know what will happen when 3am rolls around.

Like, I said, you never know what will happen when 3am rolls around.

No caption necessary.

Someone complained to me last week that the feel like they always miss "the good stuff" by leaving before 2 or 3am, to which I replied, YOU'RE RIGHT.

But then again, there will always be next week, when we'll memorialize Whitney and celebrate Missy and all the other music we love here at Good Times.

Until then, thanks again to Austin and everyone else who came out. See you next week! xo, Sparber

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