Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Once upon a time I shopped at an awesome New York City record shop named Throb. At last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, Throb owner Aldo Hernandez, once known for his raunchy downtown parties called Meat and Click & Drag, guested with me and proved that his music tastes are still as impeccable as ever.

The cub scout gang, aka Robinson, Rob, Jeb and Kyle (from left), got off to an early start, maybe cuz Rob was leaving for Chicago the following day or maybe because Robinson really likes to get his drink on as early as possible.

Guest DJ Aldo (left) goes waaaaaaay back with bartender Darren (center) and Michael T. Aldo even recognized Darren's ceiling decor from an old club maybe in the meatpacking district. Needless to say, this reunion moment needed to be captured on camera.

Creative ways to tip the coat checker.

Your Good Times staffers Rob (left) and Marc (center) and another dude who was stand-up napping over at coat check.

Blue shirts, black hats. You know the one on the left took his glasses off for this photo so they wouldn't look like full-on twins.

Former Good Times DJ Kevin, also known as DJ Down-E back in San Francisco where he DJs an awesome Friday night party at the Stud called Some Thing, partied with us till 4am last Wednesday before hopping a 6am flight back west. Last time he did this, the check-in girl totally called him out for "smelling like he had a good night."

You've truly made it when you are finally the topic of graffiti in a bathroom stall!

Anddy and Miss Tara Miso Rice, who we also kiki-ed with late night on New Year's Eve back in Chicago. We love us some Tara and wish her the best 2012 ever with all her drag pageantry undertakings.

Another happy pole dancing participant.

Kevvy (left) and his handsome Welsh friend who may or may not also live in California. Speaking of California, I'm in Los Angeles this Friday, January 20th, at a Faultline party called Raunch and we promise that it will live up to its name.

Major Yeah Yeah Yeah's shirt, major titty twister and major drunk face all happening in unison.

More adorable boys in adorable Navajo print sweaters. Sadly I was using a replacement camera this particular week which was less vibrant and had a real crappy flash. Still searching for a weekly Good Times cameraman too if you know of any young and hungry party men with a working index finger.

Daddy Chasers Anonymous.

PLAZA QUEEN! Mike Diamond has been blowing up the internet of late with his Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say parts one and two and frankly I can't get enough. He promises to make another if anyone starts an online petition and gets 10,000 signatures so get it on, pla-tha queens!

I wear my sunnnnnnnn-glasssses at night.

So next week, Rich (center, with Michael and Roberto) is guesting along with me and Nita for the illustrious Michael T.'s Good Times birthday bonzana. Ms. T. will be 45 and still alive on the actual night of his birthday, Wednesday January 18th, and we can think of no better way to celebrate "it" than with fun sets and guest performances by Erickatoure Aviance and Stephanie Stone. NOT TO BE MISSED.

La da dee, la da dah, la da dee, la da daaaa....

Another January baby celebrated his birthday this week as well and his name is Thomas and he is gifting someone near the bar the smell of his sweet scented armpit.

Other items of interest near the bar.

Sweethearts in stripes and vests but I can't help thinking that that platinum blonde in the back corner is unintentionally stealing the limelight.

This hunk who is half-hugging bartender Darren here was totally wild in a way we really love over at Good Times, though apparently not everyone loved it judging from the side eye he's getting at the bar.

Speaking of hunks, Hi Eliot! That's Eliot with one L and one T for anyone else who needs to type his name up on a weekly basis.

My Henley friend, sporting yet another awesome Henley at another awesome Good Times.

You've been bunny eared.

Newsflash: it has gotten really really really really cold here in New York City. It also drizzled rain last Wednesday bringing our official rainy Wednesday count in 2012 up to one. (It was something like, 27 in 2011. I swear).

Bartender Sam in reflective wear, just in case you can't spot him with your camera flash at the bar.

So nice to welcome back our resident Janet Jackson fanatic Sean, who is looking as cute and cozy as ever.

DANCE PARTY! Aldo played a really major set of Janelle Monae remixes and other awesome stuff. He did play one Gaga track too but we won't hold it against him.

Did you know that when you google Homothugs for photos, Danilo's photo comes up in the first first row? Thank you twerking.com.

Me, Chaz (left) and Michael. Thank you for the free breast cancer exam Michael!

He won beard of the evening by a long shot though I'm not sure who gave him his prize.

Did you know that in England, they call flat-brimmed hat wearers Supreme Queens?

Aldo was singing and dancing along to his set in the DJ booth and was really letting the children have it. Good Times hearts Aldo Hernandez.

My Avenue C neighbors, who I met last Wednesday on their first but hopefully not last visit to Good Times at Eastern Bloc.


Tobin and Michael sitting in a tree.


Absolutely loving everything about her, from the leopard wrap to the purple bangs to the furry wrap. I can only imagine what her footwear was looking like.

Speaking of footwear, you know Michael T. loves a boot so if you are in a hurry and unable to bring "it" a gift next Wednesday at his birthday, I'm sure a pair of cowboy or motorcycle boots will suffice.

An incredibly shy Australian named Tim who rarely likes to be photographed but loves a Wednesday Good Times party. Come on down and meet him.

All black everything, courtesy of Frankie S.

SURPRISE! DJ James Cerne from Boston's Foxy party mentioned that he MIGHT just be in town this week so we were delighted when he strolled in at 3am for a late night beer and chat. If only his move to LA coincided with our DJ gig there next week.


Late late night portraiture from the DJ booth. Not mad at the view either.

Even though the bar cleared out, Chaz and I lasted till 4am and began dreaming of later nights of DJing and partying once he moves to Berlin in March. As for the rest of you, thanks for coming and see you next week for Michael T.'s big birthday throwdown. xo, Sparber


THE "HUNK" said...

Hello there! The "hunk" as labeled by you (the one in the white shirt) formally requests that you remove the images of him posted on this blog (or at least reduce the number of them). While that was a great night and I can appreciate the rejoicing in good times that this post is celebrating, I am pretty sure that one image of me will suffice. The image of me spinning around the dance pole with the cutie (you know, the one where my arm looks AMAZING) is a good indicator of how fun that night was and I recommend you keep that one. The creative "tipping" image is also quite amusing. Eventually it just becomes overkill though. Please be so kind as to edit my debauchery slightly as I was never even aware of my image being taken and I in return will surely provide plenty of content for future posts as I tear up this city. Eastern Bloc is my favorite!

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