Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Straight off the plane from Chicago and straight to work I went last week for the first Good Times party of 2012. To kick off the New Year, I invited an old friend and former Good Times guest DJ, Sugartitz, who hadn't partied with us in ages due to one of those day job things that sometimes keeps him from coming out on a Wednesday. We've resolved to encourage friends and strangers alike to shed such restrictions on their lives, especially if 2012 is the end of it all.

A handsome duo of heebs in Henleys, also known as Shahar (left) and Elliott.

Charlize told me that our marriage is now "open" since I've been traveling so much even though I'll still always be wifey.

Right before this photo was taken of these Israelis moteks, Shahar and Idan, another Israeli friend told me he had just flew in from "Tel Aviv for the weekend," which first made me think, wow, I just weekend in Tel Aviv more often before realizing that Tel Aviv is like, halfway around the world.

Guest DJ Sugartitz (right) and a happy Mexicana mama named Pailo, who told me I'm going to have the best time in Puerto Vallarta later this month but to travel outside the city unless I was in the mood for a lil' decapitation.

My soul sister Mikey L. turned up (yes, I was taking all the photos from the DJ booth since we are now in need of an amateur Wednesday photographer. Free drinks and lots of men! Email me) with long blonde hair. That's right. She's gone blonde just to prove that blondes DO have more fun and stay up way way later than you. Or at least Mikey does.

Did I mention that this was a Lime-themed party? Not the kind of lime that in the bottom of his vodka soda but Lime as in the Canadian electro synth / italo husband and wife duo also known as Denis and Denyse.

Globetrotter Robertro P. was also in Tel Aviv "for the weekend," but only because he's dividing his time now between London and Tel Aviv rather than London and Rome. Tough life, huh?


I actually met Tony (right) when I was 16 years old and visiting my best girl friend up at Boston University, where she lived with Tony. So in theory, he is one of the very first gays I ever met, though I hadn't seen him since then, which was a long, long time ago.

You're my magicians!

That funny optical illusion where it looks like his arm is going straight down the Henley and into god knows where.

So being a bit pooped from flying, I asked for a volunteer photographer and James B. (in the purple) came through and took a ton of the following photos (thanks James!) before our trusted Good Times camera went kaput.

The frenchies!

I don't even know where to find Marlon now (on the right) since his stint at the Chelsea Hotel has ended much like the club downstairs and everything else Chelsea Hotel related ever since it was sold. I suppose there's always that backroom at Paddles that he hangs out in.

Sugartitz turned it as usual with his eclectic mix of divine tracks and Divine tracks.

I thought that the holiday crowds at our weekly Wednesday party would have settled by January but apparently I was wrong. #sweatybettys

Insert some witty caption about the male gaze here.

Mica (left) flew in from San Francisco to guest host in a boy look, since he was also working on a theatre project while here in New York and did have enough time to transform into his alter ego we all know and love, VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!

DIRK! Our superstar barman's husband, Dirk, popped in to say guten tag and auf wiedersehen all at once since he headed back to Berlin shortly after our party but we're hoping he comes back soon or that we travel and DJ in Berlin even sooner.

Shake whatcha mama gave ya.

New York's number one ginger, Sean, was digging on the Katy B. Gigamesh remix that I played when he wasn't fielding questions about his own downtown ginger-themed party, Fire in the Hole.

Christian hasn't been to a Good Times party in eons, which left me delightfully surprised when he came by to say hey. Then I realized that our guest DJ, Sugartitz, is actually his boyfriend.

Babe we're gonna love tonight (in our Henleys).

Living for that varsity band jacket.

Former Good Times coatchecker Kevin F. (left), who still seems to gravitate toward the coat check area when he comes by for a visit, though in this photo he's standing at a part of the bar we like to call "the game room."

Shy silver foxes abound.

It would be odd to not mention a very good friend of ours, Mike Hamm, who should be hugging onto Steven's other arm in this here photo. Sadly, Mike suffered an aneurysm over the holidays and passed away this past week. Mike was a Good Times regular and truly loved by everyone who knew him or even met him once. A super duper sweetheart who will be sadly missed.

We love you Mike Hamm and we're still thinking about you and your pornstache and cheeky photo comments at our weekly parties. Gone but not forgetten. xoxoxoxxo

Since the party must go on, we're looking onwards and upwards in 2012 with handsome men like these and guest DJ Aldo Hernandez at the next Good Times, who used to own Throb Records and was the resident DJ at Meat and Click & Drag and other famous New York parties that you should learn about.

Me and the boys of summer, now in the dead of winter.

Good Times, starring Chris as the superstar scat queen pig. That sounds about right?

It actually wasn't even 2am yet when this photo was taking. It was just the second to last picture on the camera before it went to that digital junkyard in the sky (or Fresh Kills on Staten Island). Don't worry though - we have a backup camera for next week and will hopefully find a backup cameraman too.

Annnnnnnnnd we're out (even though there was a huge wave of late night partiers who were lucky enough to evade the camera...FOR NOW). Thanks for coming and RIP Mike, our awesome, beloved friend. See everyone else next week for another Good Times with Aldo and me. xoxo

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