Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Closing out another lovely year at our lovely Wednesday night Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, we had a very special DJ guest with us last week from the shores of London who goes by the name The Lovely Jonjo. Jonjo throws a ruckus of a London party called Hot Boy Dancing Spot. He also managed to get hot New York boys out and dancing as well.

FLASHBACK MOMENT! This is what Ryan (left, with Evans) looked like when I met him many years ago working at Kim's Video. Long haired and beardless.

Greg and Greg had an early start to their evening but partied till late like everyone else this particular night, since it was that week between Christmas and New Year's when people are back in the city but don't have to work and can therefore get really really shitfaced.

Yes, there are five people in this photo but there is only one you need to take note of and he is the prophet known as Armando and you need to go and join the We Heart Armando Flores Facebook fanpage right now.

Twin spectacle looks.

Garret (left) and James aka the Bozo Squad. Okay, they're not really bozos but anyone James rolls with is automatically in his bozo squad since he's been hard at work reviving the word 'bozo,' which is majorly due for a 2012 comeback.

Dimitrios (right) and another guy but once again we are slowly being hypnotized by the Dimitrios and his V-neck.

Presenting the Lovely Jonjo. Jonjo was actually going to start his set off with Glass Candy's Warm in the Winter (wonderful AND weather appropriate) but I somehow beat him to it by closing my set out with the very same song. Great minds think alike! So he ran with it and played italo and hip hop and a million other amazing songs and was indeed quite lovely.

Jonjo's boyfriend (right) kept him company near the booth as did his New York boyfriend (left). That's right. I smell a thrupple!!!!!!

2012 is all about thrupples or three-way couples, aka three-person relationships, and we think Kevin, Gary and Michael (from left) need to jump on this bandwagon ASAP.

Alex and Denise, battling one another for the single-stall bathrooms we love to fight over at Eastern Bloc.

Habaybi! Nassar (right) and Ahmed pretty much know every queer in the Middle East, which is why I'm booking my Kuwaiti-Saudi DJ tour faster than you can say babaganoush.

Superstar DJ Michael Magnan, wearing one of the tshirt creations he's been selling online with much success. Apparently there might even be a new tshirt for sale every week. Get into it.

Double bathroom-line side-eye, courtesy of Ryan (left) and Louis.

Even though I haven't seen Paul (right, with Zac and Petey) since our short-lived Wahwee party, I get to keep up with his every move thanks to our Tajikistanian barber Ross, who is quickly becoming a gay gossip kingpin in the East Village.

Standing room only for as far as the eye can see at last week's Good Times, with tons of handsome men like the cutie in the black and white stripes.

Wait, when do we do that whole mistletoe thing? Christmas or New Years? Let's just do it now and get it over with please.


Matteo (right, with Garrett) and I made a date to dine at his Top Chef boyfriend's former restaurant because I hear its really yummy and it's a good excuse to socialize outside of da club.

The 2012 facial hair forecast is looking very handlebar right about now.

Impromptu piggyback rides!

Giving you Little Mac effect (yes, that's a Mike Tyson's Punch Out reference) after one or two KOs.

This Charming Man.

Shaquandré (right) had a bit of a rough week but was instantly cheered up by the handsome men and heavy pours that we do at Good Times.

Greg and Tim, begging me to cue the Turtles' So Happy Together right about now.

Another so happy together couple. Either love is in the air or dudes just need a cuddle buddy in this 18 degree Farenheit weather (that's -7 degrees Celsius, Europe).

Another thing that cheers Shaquandré up: smooth abs. She likes smooth jazz too.

Is he is needing some help opening that PBR?

Paul M. is now taking applications for winter cuddle buddies. The position may be temp to perm but all applicants must start off with a three-month trial period.

Yes folks, I braved the cold in this tank top which was actually necessary given all the body heat of a packed out Good Times.

The First couple of Good Times 2012.

There's a new flyer for the Raunch party I'm DJing in Los Angeles later this month at Faultline (Jan. 20!) and it features William (right) shooting laser beams from his eyes. Can't wait to see that party trick in real life.

Speaking of LA, two more transplants turned up at last week's party, Jason (left) and Miguel, both of whom have abandoned the sun and fun for more Broadway shows and a closer proximity to Big Ang and the rest of the Mob Wives.

Michael (left) and JR, who I now understand much better after spending an entire week in Chicago with a hoosier much like JR. (New Years in Chicago was awesome, btw. Thanks AK! xoxo.)

Happy New Year Richard! We love when you come to Good Times and hope to see you a ton more in 2012, aka the final year of civilization on Earth.

Arms folded yet both are giving you grins for days.

Profile shots! 2012 is gonna be all about sexy profile shots like this one here.

Jackie, all bundled up and throwing world peace signs.

Too much GHB.

Could 2012 be the year of DJ Ru Bot? She's already dazzled us with her monthly mixes and I suspect she has even bigger things up her sleeve.

Though I didn't get a photo of a proper three-way kiss, this was the best thrupple evidence I could gather for the evening.

Armando, giving sexy eyes and air kisses to the camera.

In search of the mistletoe.

Things to look forward to in 2012: Good Times' five-year anniversary party in March! Not to mention Good Times guest DJ spots this month from globetrotter Sammy Jo, London's Rod Thomas, Eastern Bloc's Jeff Chatterson and Michael T's blowout birthday on January 18th.

What 3am looks like.

What the owner of Eastern Bloc looks like. PS - Where's Dirk? Dirk! We heard you were in town and skipped out on Good Times. Boo!

Things that distracted us from getting too upset that Dirk was a no-show.

Things that seem to be distracting everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Things that come from LA but have more fun when they're in NYC.

Things that wear black leather.

Things that are colorful and sexy and hail from Brazil.

THE YEAR OF THE THRUPPLE! Thank you Jonjo and everyone who came out last week or any week in 2012 for that matter. See you next week with guest DJ Sugartitz and me and guest host Mica from SF. xoxo, Sparber

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