Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since we opted not to join the herds of hirsute men who headed to Provincetown last week in honor of the annual bear week festival, we instead threw a New York City bear weeknight Good Times party at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc gathering and crossed our fingers that a few grizzlies would show.

Celebrity photographer and former nightlife shutterbug Jon G. showed up just at the right moment, as our regular photo boy phoned in "sick" at the very last minute. Thanks for the following photos Jon!

No bear packs beats as ferocious as the one and only W. Jeremy (right), who managed his way through a stupendous set despite his broken wrist.

Chaz (right) and his friend from Texas, showing off just how big those hands of his are. You know what they say about big hands, right? Big hands = big feet.

Da bears! After gathering reports from P-Town attendees later on in the week, we realized that so-called New York bears are really just handsome dudes who grow beards, whereas P-Town bears are really livin' large and in charge, if you know what I mean.

When I finally come out with my low-slung Good Times tank top line, you can bet that David, Paul and Tim (from left) will be the first boys I call to model that shizz.

Hola Seanerella! Last we saw Sean (left) was when we waved a teary goodbye to him at his glass mansion in Mexico City. We were so happy to see him resurface once again at Good Times and with the head of Acne Jeans (right), no less, who is always welcome to bring us Acne swag at Good Times if his Swedish-loving heart desires.

Two men and a little lady.

Eric's bowtie tattoo has complete transformed his wardrobe into button-down vest without a shirt underneath and other apparel we like to call Slutty Black Tie.

Miss Steph (left) only made a 5 minute cameo whereas RyRy McNally stuck around long enough to be mauled by the wild creatures on premises.

Kyle (right), proving that you do not need to be of child-bearing age just to be called a Daddy.


Some bears scamper away when confronted with flash photography.

More Mexico City beariness, courtesy of Jorge (left) and his 5 o'clock-shadowed posse.

The closest our party has ever come to having a visit from Village Voice columnist Michael Musto.

Sexinas! David was trying to prove that the only thing sluttier than a slutty tank top is a tank top with henley buttons built in.

Soak up all the Natasha you can, folks, because we hear that come August 4th, she is moving out of New York City for good and relocating to former freaknik headquarters, aka Hotlanta, GA.


David (left) started freaking that he'd be late to a 11am appointment the following morning, whereas Michael (right) was out till 4am and probably stayed out till he showed up at work at 9am the next morning.

Stephen has been spotted sporting an array of party whistles around town this week, including this bejeweled one at Good Times and a fluorescent orange one at the Body & Soul 15th Anniversary warehouse party in Brooklyn this weekend, which was OVAH.

Enjoying the fine and funky selection of W. Jeremy.

A week late on that July 4th independence day tip, but we'll let it slide in the name of patriotism.

Jason bear (left), clawing his way through the crowd to capture his prey.

Promoter bear Brian (left), with self-proclaimed Ditzy Bear James, who fell into a deep hibernation after this party with his lights on, shoes on and Grindr on.

Blonde bears.

Bear chaser.

As Sean can testify, the New York City bear scene ain't got nothing on Mexico City's bear scene, which is massive in oh so many ways.

Who's number one?!

Primo black bear Jermaine. I think my friend Eric summed it up best in last week's photo comments when he said, "<3 Jermaine." It's true! Everyone <3's Jermaine! <3 <3 <3

And Kelvin wasn't even present to prompt this pose!!!

West side bears and Reid (right), who we now dub detag bear, as she never seems to like a Good Times photo of herself.

MY BABY BEAR ROB (aka Rob the Barback), who let his hair grow in especially for the occasion to the delight of all Good Times patrons and photo album viewers everywhere.

My hand is magnetically drawn to JR's tummy and I can't help it. Sue me!

Marquis and the tongue of his, which seems to have a mind of its own.

Brooklyn Bears.

No manipulation or rotation was done to this photo, though I will tell you that this trick lasted .5 seconds.

Cutie pie bears who are looking forward to next week's Good Times disco moment when Michael T. returns for our annual Donna Summer disco party. This year's installment will be called Endless Donna Summer and if it is anything like year's past, you won't wanna miss it.

Awwwwww. How cute is W. Jeremy when he attempts to DJ with a broken wrist and hand?!! ("awwww" is also Jeremy's favorite sound / call of the wild.)

Bears in nature, doing what they do best.

BURNSY! As a late night treat, Melissa resurfaced and paid us a visit after seven years of hibernation. And we couldn't be happier!

The Burnsy crew.

Favorite DJ Bear aka Michael Magnan, who will be back at Good Times in two weeks for the Third Annual Nite of Deee-Lite. But before that, see you next week with me and Michael T. for Endless Donna Summer. xo, Sparber

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